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Sunday 25 March 2012

You would think it was Spring.....

.....but actually, down under,  we are heading into Autumn.  Spring is popping up all over blogland along with stunning pictures of new life budding on trees and poking through snow. Not Spring here but the change of seasons is so welcome where I live in Brisbane. The humidity is finally settling down and the last two days have been delightfully sunny, breezy and cool. Someone ought to tell my Tibouchina tree as it seems confused and is chockers with new buds.

It is very pretty though and I see it every day when I look out of my sitting room window.

When I was out snapping photos of the Tibouchina, I got a cute one of Callie the dog. Not sure what she spotted but it was certainly intriguing!!
And finally, how's this for a banana.....Man of the House found this at the fruitshop (a banana twin)  and shared it with me for breakfast today
 No sewing.....I have been really busy at work and put in some extra hours and today, despite the beautiful weather, I feel headachey and lethargic.

My needle is definately threaded though!


  1. Love the look on Callie's face! Priceless. Very cool banana....love how the hubby split it with you...how sweet.


  2. Beautiful flowers, gorgeous dog - hope you feel better soon.

  3. Adorable pooch picture and a twin banana, you could have made a banana split without splitting it. Adelaide is normally dry, but we have been having unusual humidity lately, glad i dont have that all the time its tiring.


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