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Saturday 31 March 2012

Have a Heart...

... and please help me out with this dilemma.

This is a ufo that i found a couple of weeks ago when looking for some fabrics.  Today I decided to finish it off but am undecided how to.  The mini stitchery is a tree with hearts growing on it.  I found quite a few heart buttons in my stash.  Some are all one colour which is the same colour as the phrase and flowers stitched on the block.
Option 1
And the other choice is different shades of pink/red which I think adds more depth and I can add some pinky bits to the flowers too for a more balanced look. Are those 2 red ones too much? They look alright in the natural light.

Option 2
Oh what to do, what to do?

I haven't been around much this week but, believe me, I have been stitching with my threaded needle.  Let me give you a sneak peek on my "Friends with Benefits Swap" project....just a peek!!
I wasn't wearing my glasses when I took this shot and I didn't intend for this photo to be so out of focus but it worked out well, since I don't want to reveal too much!!

Keep your needles threaded!


  1. I think they both look great...just different effects. Adorable!


  2. I actually like the one with all of the red buttons best, but I agree with Debbie, both are lovely.

  3. I prefer the red but it would depend on how you are finishing it. I like the pinks also. Would love to see the complete block it is really sweet!

  4. I like the different pinks... trust me to be different hahaha... I have made this same block and did it in blues with heated crystals and turned it into a cushion xxx

  5. I like both and each gives a different look!


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