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Friday 2 March 2012

Friday Freebie # 3 - Back to School!!!?

[All photos are HAVE BEEN DELETED FROM THIS POST] There have been so many houses in Blogland right now and they are all terrific.  I, however,  have always wanted to do an old fashioned school house quilt and somewhere in my stash of patterns there is one floating around.
You all know what a schoolhouse block is right?

Now, I am no expert on School house quilts but they mainly seem to be done in red and I am thinking that this is perhaps due to the colour of the typical school houses in America back in the day. I would love for someone to comment with a bit of history round about now!
There are certainly traditionalists who will go for the classic look

However in our modern era, the rules are no longer a restriction and you could go from something semi-traditional in red (I would vote this as my favourite) to a multi-coloured sensation

Blue is my colour and that is what I had in mind. In the meantime why not have a practise run and tackle this miniature schoolhouse quilt using Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

To download "The House that Kaffe Built" designed by Kathryn Patterson click here.

Happy Weekend Quilting Everyone!


  1. I love yours Cath! Love the bright colors. Of the ones above, I think my favorite is the semi-traditional, too. Love the diff. shades of red and the diff. patterns on the fabrics.. red is my favorite color. :o) Can't wait to see yours in blue! I love red and white and blue and white quilts. xo

  2. Oh Cath - I love these! How could I not :) I have yet to have a go at a school house block...maybe after all the hullaballo of my swap is over......
    Hugs, Kathy

  3. I made a school house block many years ago and now I am doing the houses with Terry of Terry's Treasures , a simplier block but still fun and a way for me to use us some scraps. Thanks for that link I may have to make one .

  4. Love this block! Enjoyed reading this post!


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