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Wednesday 21 March 2012

Honey, what happened to you?

When I woke up yesterday morning my Lila looked like this
Fluffy and soft with lots of fur just like a Labradoodle furbaby should look!!

A couple of hours later and this is what I have

She looks hilarious and even Callie was quite taken aback and thought another dog had come to visit. She just had to have a clip due to really horrendous knots in her fur since we got her but now I have a fab new fur detangler to sort that out when it starts growing again.  We have never seen her clipped before and everyone was in shock at how tiny she really is.  Callie never looked more like a big boofie Labrador than she did today.
poor bubby! - nevermind it will grow back soon!
I am off for my sewing group with Sally now...ready for block 3!

Hope you have your needles threaded!


  1. Awww, Lila looks cute!!! :)


  2. Oh, too funny! She doesn't look too imptressed does she? Mind you, neither would I if someone clipped ALL my hair off, lol :)

  3. I think Lila looks super cute.

  4. Soo cute, I clip my dogs when its hot, but let their fur get longer when its cool.

  5. Lila looks more like a poodle now , our labradoodle is getting a hair cut in a week and he will look pretty much the same , it does grow quickly though and we clip him a few times a year as it just gets too long and is in his eyes.


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