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Thursday 7 January 2016

So Far..So Good

Even I am confused now!
I feel like everyone read my last post different to how I meant it....I wasn't complaining.....I love blogging, I especially love blogging about my life here in Tasmania at the moment...hence my companion blog, Cath@Home. I have something to blog about over there almost every day as well as hosting 2 Link Parties (which some of you will know is very time consuming - still I get a kick out of that). So, I don't really have room for fitting in a creative station there as well, which is why I continue with two blogs and even if I combined the two, it would still take up as much time to write the posts. Besides, I like to keep things compartmented....just a silly quirk in my personality. So don't worry about the blogging crisis....the crisis really is TIME. Time I spend on-line, visiting various blogs....not too mention Pinterest......whoa! before you know it....hours have passed while you discover how to 'make Orange and Vanilla marmalade' or 'how to peel peaches in 10 seconds' or, even, '5 easy steps to organise your craft room' which you I never quite achieve....you get the drift!
ps....I am going to answer the last post's comments via the blog this time.
k 'nuff said?
As far as my 'Resolutions' go....so far, so good

  1. This is my 3rd post this week.    
  2. I have updated my facebook page....sorry for overloading your home pages!   
  3. Caught up with a number of blogs already....loving the list but it is still unfinished.   
  4. Have returned visits from comments....mostly for Cath@Home so far.   
  5. Still need to prepare some blocks for stitching.   
  6. Started on some piecing!....see below.    
4 out of 5....not so bad for the first few days. Don't worry, I am not going to bore you with updates of my resolutions every week although I might re-visit them quarterly.....just to keep me on track.

Here's what I have been sewing this week:

 Take some luxuriously soft minky fabric

and some really cute 'baby' cottons from the stash!

combine the two....and....hey presto!...the start of another little quilt in the making.

I won't be showing off too much of this one because it is a secret.  I have lots of secrets at the moment and I will have to keep 'mum' about them all as I am not sure which of my family is sneaking a peak at my blog, but I will divulge when everything is set in place. Keep a close eye on this space!

Lastly, I would just like to remind you that my Link Party - What's For Dinner Wednesday is open at Cath@Home....you don't need a special post or even to include a recipe....just link up and join the foodie sharing party.  There is a prize involved!

Here are some reasons to take part in Link Parties:

Ok, here goes, I am pushing the publish button.......now!


  1. Yes, time is always the problem for busy people...and you don't need to have a job to be a busy person, as I have discovered in retirement. Oftentimes I'm telling myself I should do more hand-quilting because I love doing hand work. But then I remind myself that I already do hand embroidery, and there are only so many hours in the day right? I mean...when would I make pies and cakes? (Did you catch the pies *and* cakes? Couldn't possibly choose one over the other.)

  2. Writing good blogs takes time, as does reading blogs and writing thoughtful comments. It's a balancing act, that I have to believe gets out of balance for all of us at some time or another. I blog for all the reasons you give above, so it's definitely worth it. So good luck with maintaining the balance this year.


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