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Tuesday 12 January 2016

New Friends, Stitching and Purchases

I had a trip into Hobart today....to sew with my lovely new friends at Frangipani Fabrics.  I sat next to such a lovely woman and we chatted non-stop. I remember her from the first time I joined them and she is one of those people who you are instantly drawn to and would love to be good friends with (has that ever happened to you?).....but then she didn't come along for a couple of weeks, and I didn't go for a couple of weeks and on a few other occasions, she sat way down the table....today, we found ourselves neighbours while we stitched and I was right.....she is someone I could definitely be friends with.

And when I say stitched........I mean only a few meagre stitches!

It turned out that I somehow got my project boxes mixed up.....so I had some teddies to stitch but I had the threads for Flowerville and there was only one colour that is compatable with both.

That meant that I also had too much time to wander through the shop and found a few irresistible fabrics.  I do love the choice of fabrics at Frangipani so it is lucky I am on the loyalty programme because it turned out I had a $10 saving....here is what I bought.

Some cute fat quarters....I just love the reindeer one! and I scored a freebie for buying 4....see how they tempt me?

I also picked up 1/2m each of these fabrics......another baby quilt in the making here and I will shop my stash for sashing and borders.

While I was in Hobart, I walked down to Spotlight for some boring stuff like Whisperweft and a couple of new pillow slips. The walk from the carpark took me past Threads and I quickly popped in to have a gander......BIG MISTAKE! What did I clap eyes on....non other than the pattern for Lynette Anderson's Scandinavian Christmas.....be still my beating heart! Everytime I have seen this pattern completed on the internet, I regret not buying it when I had the chance years ago and I actually thought it was no longer available. If you don't know the pattern, here is a pic.

Threads sells quite a few Lynette Anderson patterns and her fabric range and while I was looking at it, the shop owner called out that there was 20% off all Christmas fabrics so I started to look for some that I could use for the pattern.....then she came over and pointed out the Scandinavian Christmas fabric kit....and mentioned that the pattern was also 20% off....well that settled it!

 I received something very practical for Christmas.....like a gardening trolley....so I decided that I would get it as a belated Christmas Present to myself.

There is nothing wrong with that, is there?


  1. Absolutely nothing wrong with that lol. Beautiful purchase and you were meant to have it if you have loved it for a long time.

  2. I bet you're glad you had to go to Spotlight or you would never have got that quilt pattern and fabric. That will keep you busy for a while, Cath.

  3. It was meant to be - and think of how mcuh you saved!!
    I love those reindeers too.

  4. Sounds like the perfect way to spend the day , stitching with friends and buying fabric. Love that pattern and all the pretty fabrics to make it .

  5. Sorry you didn't much stitching time, but you did pick up some fun fabrics. That Christmas quilt kit is gorgeous. It's a very nice belated Christmas gift.


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