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Thursday 7 January 2016

100 Day Challenge - Step One

*I will post my Friday Night with Friends results on Sunday.....I hope you will come back to visit then*


Let me bring the old whinge bag out, one more time!!!! Hahaha...only kidding but really, I am trying to make some real changes to Bits 'n Bobs and my sewing agenda on the whole.

During 2014 I took part in Barbara's NewFO Challenge and I just loved it...nothing I love more than starting a new project....problem is....now I have a whole lot of UFO's....oh, and...I did get 'that memo' about working on more than one project at a time....just have a look at some of the projects, in and out of boxes, waiting my attention.

The ones on the left are basically on my current design board and what I have diligently been working on for "what seems like forever" (Brookfield is missing from this group) and on the right, you can count 9 boxes of projects still needing attention....there are also quite a number still sealed  in boxes in our storage shed.

In comes the 100 Day Challenge from Jen at Quilter in the Closet and thanks so very much to Lara at BuzzinBumble (on my catch up list) for publicising this link up. I only caught up with Jen's challenge at 5 minutes to midnight on the 6th (AES time) but in the nick of time, I realised I actually still had time to think it over because the US is at least 16 hours behind us.

Here are my 3 100 Day Challenge Entries:

1) Complete Minky Baby Quilt (just started) to completely finished.
2) Blog at least 3x a week at Bits 'n Bobs....a committment set out in my resolutions.
3) Finish piecing my Mystery Quilt started in 2014

It's not too late to join in the challenge....its just, as Jen pointed out to me last night, the longer you wait, the less days you will have to complete the challenge!

I am so excited by this.....this might just be the shove I need to get my UFO's out of the way because I sure do have plenty of other projects ready to go!

3 basket shelves of ready to go quilt kits!

 and not before time as I found this out today.......NEW PLACE TO SHOP in Hobart! No doubt, I will be a regular!!!!


  1. At least you won't be bored and have lots to chose from lol! Have fun x

  2. UFOs are always a challenge. Like you, I love to start things. Too many ideas floating in my head! Good luck with this challenge.

  3. good luck with your ufo's and love those three drawers of new projects waiting to see daylight. I don't know how you resist starting them.
    happy sewing.

  4. Wow! that is quite some basket of new projects waiting for you! I love your list! Something new, something old, and I am really happy to hear of yet another person committing to getting back to blogging regularly! That is something that benefits us all! I can't wait to see how you progress on your list. I will be cheering for you!

  5. Glad to see that I am not the only one who loves starting but is not so good at finishing projects :) Good luck with your challenges.

  6. Good luck with all your challenges. The projects on your wall are all so pretty you'll enjoy working on them for sure. Bet the ones hidden in boxes are lovely too. Have fun stitching and blogging..... xxx

  7. Best of luck with the challenge, Cath, it should be fun - some pretty projects there waiting to be finished. One day!

  8. At least you have set yourself a goal and with these projects in mind you can switch them up and work on one for a bit then another so you won't get bored and soon they will be all finished. Most important have fun doing it ☺

  9. Think I will pop over and check it out. I need incentive to finish some of my WIPs

  10. As much as I enjoyed Barbara's NewFO challenge, I too ended up blowing up my UFO list. Good luck with the 100 Day Challenge. Getting a UFO off the list is such a good feeling.

  11. Great goals and definitely should be doable. Looking forward to seeing the end results. I loved Barbara's NewFo and always joined in but I had to make choices. Most of my NewFo were small projects, table runners or mug rugs and the bigger projects were ones I had planned anyway.


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