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Wednesday 4 November 2015

Wednesday Pinspiration....Crochet & Fabric Fusion

I saw an article in Homespun some time ago about fabric squares crocheted together to form a blanket and it has stuck in my mind ever since. I didn't buy the magazine so I went to my favourite go-to-site for some guidance....Pinterest!

I have pinned quite a few on my Pinterest Board....'Crochet'....and there are some good tutorials as well. The most complete tutorial so far has been at Sewing Daisies but I am still on the search.....just type Crochet Fabric Fusion into the search box at Pinterest and heaps of ideas come up. Here are some of my favourites.

Yesterday, I 'hitched' a ride into Hobart town....the easiest place to go was Spotlight as far as directions are concerned. I needed some Vliesafix for the Birdie Fussy Cut squares and knew I could get it there...plus, I wanted to wander around their craft section to look at the yarns.  While I was there I had a look at the flannelette, they didn't have exactly what I was after but there were some that inspired me and of course I had a look at the cotton fabrics too.....As a rule, I don't buy cotton quilt fabrics from Spotlight but when you see something that you really like....well...and I think it would be a great fabric for a project like this. The only issue I have so far is nobody tells you how much yarn they have used for their projects!!! and that is where I need help.

Crochet Fabric Fusion for secret something

Crochet Fabric Fusion for me!

just because!

Speaking of Pinterest, I made sure I pinned this gorgeous quilt tutorial for the "Kitty Shuffle" from Lynette at What a Hoot as well. Here it is being modelled by a couple of Lynette's gorgeous Kitties. (Lynette gave me permission to use her photo's which I worked into a collage) Please go over and say hello...tell her Cath at Bits 'n Bobs sent you!

 Till next time.....keep your needles threaded and your bobbin full,


  1. Thanks Cath lots of great information!

  2. I love to crochet, and there are so many afghans that I would like to make, your daisy one for instance. These fabric and crochet ones always catch my eye too. But I don't like to cover up with crocheted items, because they seem drafty with the open stitches, so I pass them by. These would look so sweet lying at the foot of a bed though, so I'm not counting them out completely.

  3. Oh my goodness! Cath, you're so sweet, and that photo mural looks fantastic. (I really need to set myself to figuring that out.) Also, I really love the crochet-quilt fusion that you pinned. I've had that pinned for a while, too. That would have been perfect in Florida, where afghans are just right for the whole two weeks of "winter" we got there. Here, they'd be beautiful on top of more quilts. :)

  4. A lovely new project,
    Fiona of bubz Ruiz has made a crochet fusion blanket and I think she even made a tutorial.

  5. I too have seen Fiona's crocheted blanket which was just lovely. Super fun idea :-)

  6. You came home with some really cute fabrics.


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