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Monday 2 November 2015

DBM #8 - Scrap That!

After last weeks post where I shared Kay's quilt, I have been taking a long hard look at the 'little birdies' I have been sewing for Baby G's quilt and realised that the reason I haven't been doing anything with it is because I am a little unsure about it. I am unsure that the colours are right (I bought some more fabric in different coordinating colours....yes, I did!). I am a little bamboozled at the measurements without a pattern to guide me and it is a little bigger than I wanted for Baby G.

The original baby G quilt has been scrapped (don't worry, all the components can and will be salvaged). It has been taken off the Design Board and replaced. I headed to the link that Kay used and shared with me for the 10 minute block (link at the end of post) to see how it was done......

Yet again, I needed to get the measurements right so I made a scrap mock-up.....now excuse the colour combo....I tried but really I just grabbed bits of fabric from the scrap box.

Three seams.....that is all it takes. I found the 3rd seam a little tricky.....but once you get over the middle seam hump...it all works out (if you make this block, you will see what I mean). In the next picture, I just ironed the edges over for a cathedral window effect.  I used 5" scrap blocks for this prototype.

When I had done that, I made the decision to CUT my fabrics. I am using the same birdie fabric that Kay used on hers (remember Kay......imitation is the greatest form of flattery!). I already had the co-ordinating blue and yellow and found the grey for the centre block last week.  I hadn't intended using it for this fabric selection but I like how it looks.

 Now I had a good basis to place my fussy cut little birdies. These squares are cut at 7", giving me a 4.5" square in the middle for the cathedral window.

 Just pinned at the moment but you get the idea of how it will look.

Mmmm, I am liking this block much better.......by the way.....it may be called the 10 minute block but if your name is Cath and you are a bit ditsy.....it could be the 30 minute block.....that's right, I wasn't paying attention and got the fabric the wrong way round so had to unpick and start over. I will be more careful next time.

Too gorgeous!.....I am going to use the grey for a sashing in between the blocks as well.

Thanks Kay, for the inspiration and the link to Suzanne McNeil's YouTube Tutorial.

I am planning on making more of these blocks this week as well as finish off block 2 of A Country Tea Party and tracing the next block.

Oh, I also made one of these this weekend.....it is the 'tarted up' teatowel for the What's For Dinner Wednesday Giveaway...I am quite pleased with how it turned out. I you want to be in the draw for further giveaways, visit me at Cath@Home to link up. The fabric is "waste" from the little birdies fabric.

How about you?

What is on your Design Board, wall or table for this week? 

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  1. Love the fabric choices! I watched that video a few days ago, and kind of disregarded it as I thought I would have trouble with it. Maybe I should watch it again.

  2. I love your birdie block. I've done that block before and it certainly took me a lot longer than 10 minutes. Maybe with some practice I could get faster. It's such a great idea for a baby quilt because it has some dimension to it. Great for little fingers to explore.

  3. I'll have to go backwards and see what it is you scrapped, if you blogged about it. These colors are very softy baby colors and the bird fabric is cute as anything!

  4. Love your newest block Cath! Very pretty colours and fabrics! Christine x

  5. Beautiful block! Love how you framed the birdies.

  6. The bird block is so adorable!!! (truth be told, I actually really like your practice block, too- the colors look great together)

  7. Love the bird block. Don't know what happened to my picture in the linky. Oh well.

  8. Love your block! The cathedral window with the bird is adorable.

  9. Your little birdie block looks great. I tried that technique several years ago. The first one turned out great. But I have yet to get another one to turn out well. I got frustrated and quit. maybe it is time to try again. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Love the way you fussy cut the little birdies, they are adorable. I laughed when you said you turned a 10 minute block into a 30 minute one - that sounds exactly like me! :) Thanks for linking up to MCM!


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