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Sunday 23 March 2014

Goodbye York, Hello Edinburgh

We were leaving York around midday for our continued train ride to Edinburgh so we had time to see a few more sights around town.

 I was pleased about this because the city wall had been closed to the public on a couple of occassions due to heavy wind so we hadn't yet had the opportunity to explore, but fortunately the gates were open again so after breakfast we went for a walk along one of the three sections of the wall.
 Then there was just enough time to walk back through the town, collect our luggage and check out of the hotel before walking to the Station.

It was a lovely train ride up to Edinburgh through lovely countryside.  We passed through Durham and I spotted the Durham Castle and further on I spotted Bamburgh Castle and Lindisfarne on the horizon.  These are two places I would love to visit.

After approximately 2 or so hours we arrived in Edinburgh where we struggled to get our bearings.  Fortunately I found a tourist information centre just outside the station and we were able to ask for directions to get to our hotel which was quite a walk with two heavy suitcases on quite an uphill gradient.  At least it wasn't raining.  Since we had not had lunch we booked into the hotel which was centrally located on the Royal Mile and headed out for something to eat.  No haggis for us but a delicious pizza to fill us up

and a cold cider to wash it down.

By the time we came out onto the street again, it was pouring with rain and we were freezing cold. Not much fun trying to explore in that kind of weather so we decided to head back to the hotel and get some washing done. I for one was running out of woollen stockings and it was evident I was going to need them.

Looking up the Royal Mile at night. Our hotel was just to the left of here.


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  1. I enjoy following your trip! You have been travelling in areas which I dream about going to! I am going to visit Edinburgh in June :) Look forward to see more pictures!


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