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Sunday 21 July 2013

Roses are NOT Red....

Not in this Yorkshire lass' garden........

My hubby has been in the throes of fixing up our front garden for the last three years but we could not agree what to plant. I wanted palms and easy plants, he wanted flowering shrubs. I want mass planting, he wants a variety of individual shrubs

This weekend we had another chat and agreed that we would both like to see roses in the garden so we drove down to the garden centre and picked out five rose bushes.

Now I am rather fond of pink roses and being originally from Yorkshire, I absolutely love the purity of white roses and we decided to get a couple of yellow to mix it up......but red? Mmmmmm?

Hubby should of known better than to bring it up. "Shall we get a red one?". No red roses In my garden. The nearest I will go is deep pink!

Really, the truth is, It is not about the War of the Roses between Tudors and Yorkists, it is mostly personal preference....I just love Softer shades.

Once back home, hubby got busy digging and planting the new bushes. A couple of them were shrubs already with some blooms and buds but I will have to wait until Summer. Before any signs of life on the other shrubs. Can't wait!
 ps.....this post is based on a private family joke and I can assure you that no red roses were harmed in the writing of this post and no offence intended to the House of Tudor.(Please do not chop off my head)


  1. Oh Dear!!! EEkkk, I like red roses..gulp!
    I hope your garden looks blooming lovely
    whatever comes!! lol
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. I love all roses. I'm sure yours will look beautiful. Hugs.......

  3. I love roses looks as if hubby is doing a great job I'm sure it will look beautiful :-)

  4. lol,great post Cathy and we love roses too and guess what we have 100 roses bushes on our property and not one is red,lol,we have 50 plus white ones.xx

  5. I do not like red roses either! Love the colors of yours.

  6. Any rose growing in my garden would be OK for me - I have preferences but at the end of the day anything would do...:-(

  7. While red roses are okay in my book, if there were any hope of growing roses here in the southwest desert, I'd opt for a plethora of pinks and whites. so I understand.

  8. Looks like you have been busy, beautiful roses! I love all roses I think :)

  9. It has been a great year for roses in my garden - the most important thing for me is fragrance!

  10. I like all colors, but each to their own, Your garden sounds like it will look lovely even with out the res.

  11. I love a variety of colour too. Red is great for a single rose gift, but I love a bouquet of colour!

  12. I love roses and have many different types and colors...I have several beautiful red roses that really outdo the others when they bloom...my favorite though is candycane roses which are white with red stripes running through them...they are so lovely when they bloom...and then of course is the yellow roses which are fabulous...I could go on and on about them...hopefully yours will bloom abundantly and have a heavy rose scent when they do...I love how they smell when they are all in bloom...


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