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Monday 22 July 2013

Creation Station Shuffle

 *I am linking the post up with Tuesday Archives on 18/11/15 and just to update that this is no longer my Creation Station because I have moved house but this one was a good one*

With the arrival of the HQ18 quilter and frame, it was obvious that I had to find an area long enough to accommodate my super beast who has now been dubbed "AVA". In some respects, it was good timing as the creation station definitely needed a tidy up.

 To the left of this panoramic picture is where I need to put Ava.

No wonder I was avoiding doing any sewing in here........looking at these before photos.....it is such a mess!

This is now what you see as you walk into the creation station

I have created 5 new zones.

Zone 1: I Ava's zone. She is to the right as I walk into the creation station, in front of the big window.

I have a few display ladders here aswell with quilt flimsies that are ready to meet Ava.

Zone 2: To the left of the entrance is my cutting station and work station - I have put my cutting counter and a table back to back to serve as my cutting station on one side (behind me at my cutting station is a storage bookshelf which is not ready to be photographed just yet).....

....and a desk/computer set down and printer spot on the other side. I am sat here right now, writing my blog and since my laptop now has a designated spot, I am determined not to spend any more time on it than is necessary. My spare fold out table is also kept here providing extra working room if and when neccessary.

Zone 3: Storage. I have left this in the same place as it originally was......it is way to heavy to move and works well left right were it is.

Zone 4: The sewing nook. The two general sewing machines have moved into the adjoining space and placed in an L shape in the corner.

This zone is still a little messy at the moment as all those fq fabrics behind the sewing machine (now dubbed Hattie) need to be put back on the shelf near my cutting table. Because there is another window here, I have lots of lovely light to sew.

Also in this area is my NewFO and WIP storage.  And most exciting of all is my light box has a new home on it's very own table which is also in front of a window.

Zone 5 - Scrapbooking Station:  This has been my scrapbooking station for a very long time although I have not done a lot of scrapbooking of late, mostly because whenever I opened the cupboard, I was faced with an overwhelming pile of paper, mags, boxes of buttons/ribbon/brads....the list goes on. So a little tidy up was done and it is a much more organised space.

There are still some messy spots as I am taking the opportunity to sort and organise EVERYTHING so I don't waste time looking for something so simple as a quick unpick or that certain daisy trim (which I still haven't found btw!)

I am loving my new Creation Station so much and I know that I am a very, very lucky girl to have such an awesome space filled with all these things


  1. You really do have a fabulous space and filled with so many goodies!

  2. What a fabulous space and with a long arm quilter! In my dreams. Hope your a very creative in your creation station.

  3. such a great space you have Cathy,have heaps of fun with AVA.xx

  4. That's what I call being organised enjoy playing with Ava :-))

  5. You are so organised. Have fun with Ava

  6. we all need to do mass tidy ups occasionally - and you certainly have the right incentive! mmm a few flimsies waiting to meet Ava. You'll whizz through them son.

  7. I love all your space, you will have to post organising hints when you are completed
    I certainly need help! I dabble in too many different crafts and run out of space

  8. Wow - your space is huge! I love the idea of zones!!
    I sew in the spare bedroom and often use the kitchen table when it's not in use!

  9. What an incredible work area !
    Lucky you. Have fun playing with "Ava".
    I am sure beautiful things will come from that creative work space. ;)

  10. Your space is wonderful and you seem to be getting organized quite quickly. Love the table with all your drawers in it. Hugs......

  11. It's looking wonderful, lots of room for creating! Enjoy!!

  12. Some of that needs to be going on around here! I'm afraid mine is going to get much worse before it gets better...

  13. Wow!I am so impressed, Cath! It all looks amazing :-)

  14. Ok okay, do you realise you have just made us all a very dark shade of green with envy! Have a lot of fun in your newly reorganised creative space.

  15. Cath welcome to Tuesday Archives and I love your Creation station!!!DO you miss it??? Is your current one even better??? THANKS for sharing! Love how productive your space was.


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