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Monday 29 July 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I have had the flights booked for months and months but it is only just starting to feel like a reality. I will be travelling to the UK for the whole month of August and spending a good portion of the time visiting with my gorgeous mum.

I am lucky enough to have a travel buddy with me this time in the form of  my eldest boy, Red.  I hate flying on my own so when Red told me he was planning a trip in the UK and Ireland, I started conniving (er) planning my own itinerary.

Last night we did some serious planning and detrimental denting of the credit cards but I can now rest easy as everything has been itinerised and pre-paid so just spending money to organise. We have planned a trip up to my beloved Yorkshire together before he takes off on his own tour. I was born in Yorkshire but he has never been so I am going to show him the special places.

This is a spot that is very special to me as it is my dads birthplace and resting place, so we will be heading here one afternoon and taking a walk around the lake

At this stage, I still plan to blog while I am away. It will be from my iPad which I have equipped to be able to download photos from my camera so the giveaway will still be applicable through the month of August.


  1. That all sounds so wonderful Cath!

  2. have a wonderful time creating some memories with your son before he heads off on his own holiday...........

  3. Have a great time! Should be great with your son along.
    My daughter is currently living in London from the US. I hope to get over for a second trip before she moves back.

  4. Sounds wonderful, have a fantastic time!!

  5. Have safe travels and fun times!

  6. Happy and safe travelling, Enjoy !!!!!!!'

  7. have a wonderful time... what a gorgeous scene...though a bit sad for you I guess.

  8. How wonderful to be going back to see your Mum. Will look forward to your photos. Wishing you safe travel. Hugs......

  9. How wonderful to be taking such a lovely journey, have lots of fun, lots of cuddles and take lots of pictures. Bon Voyage

  10. Come on over Cath - the weather is fabulous and we're actually having a real summer this year!
    Where in Ireland is your son visiting?? It's one of my favourite places and my son is at uni there!

  11. Your holiday sounds just lovely - and if you're anywhere near Birmingham, do give me a shout and we could arrange a wee bloggy meet-up :-)
    Bon voyage,

  12. Hi Cath,
    Have a fantastic time!! Hope you send
    us some pics along the way, we'd love
    to share with you.
    Cheers, Anita.


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