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Wednesday 3 July 2013

Photoaday Snaps

This is my Photoaday roundup for June 24th to 30th. I missed a few days between my quilters trail bus trip. Yet to figure out how to fit everything into a week,

Day 24 - Negative Space....... Photoaday creater, Chantelle did a post on Negative Space and I am glad she did otherwise I would have been totally stumped.   I played around abit and here is my NEGATIVE SPACE shot. Normally, I would have deleted this shot as being a dud, never to have realised it was creative license! Does your eye get drawn to the eye in the peacock feather? If so then I have used negative space effectively.

Day 25 - Sharp.......These are just one pair of scissors that I own. Very sharp embroidery scissors.  Oops, the fabric is from some secret sewing!

Day 26 - Empty......My favourite coffee cup is empty.....can remedy that very quickly!

Day 27 - Into the sun.  No sun here for the last few days so here is a shot from a little while ago.  Looking up into the sun at Sky City in Auckland, NZ.

Day 28 - Red.............Delicious red, red cherries found at a farmers market on our first day in Paris (2011) We bought a paperbag full and ate them in a nearby park. Bliss!

Day 29 - In my bag...............The view in my bag after my shopping yesterday.  The strawberries were the best I have ever eaten......EVER! Infact, I am going to eat some more now.

Day 30 - Handwriting..............I think I have the worst handwriting. It is never the same. Mostly I print but sometimes I print in capitals, sometimes I cursive and sometimes I combine them all. This list of To-Do's from my cork board is one on my neater versions.

I will not be partaking in Photoaday for July and probably not August either as I will have a very busy time in August which I have not told you about yet.  How did I go? Any favourites from this week?



  1. The cherries - how luscious do they look?

  2. Definitely the peacock feather. Very striking. Hugs......

  3. These are great. Love your negative space.

  4. They are all very good but those cherries just jump right out at me !

  5. Beautiful photos, I think my favourite would be the cherries!

  6. Great photos - my favourite is the cherries!

  7. Great piccys and I wish I could have some of the cherries also!

  8. The peacock feather is amazing.

  9. I love seeing someone's handwriting, so that would be my favorite. Though I am now craving cherries, and will have to make a trip to the grocery. :)

  10. Yum yum...love those cherries.
    Cheers, Anita.


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