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Tuesday 23 July 2013

Putting my new space to use.

Now that the creation station is looking and feeling more usable, I thought it was about time I finished some more flimsies.

Do you recall the Chevron quilt that I was so excited to put together? that was back in March sometime! and I had only sewn about 4 squares to create 16 hst's.

Yesterday was such a dull day here and threatened to rain and then did rain so I got out my Chevron UFO and got sewing. Well, I tried to, but, after two blocks, the thread snagged and I broke a needle. I spent half an hour taking everything down to the needle plate and bobbin case to pieces several times and two broken needles later (one of them didn't even sew a stitch) and I was cruising along nicely.

Have you used this technique before?  sew two even sized squares together on all four sides, right sides facing and then cut through on opposite diagonals.

then open out the four triangles, press and you end up with 4 hst's

It is a very quick and easy method but you have to be careful when sewing theses hsq's together as the edges are now on the bias and stretch easily.

Here they are, 42 x 4 hsq's in (almost) one afternoon. A little trim to get rid of the dog ears and then onto the rows.

I will be working on these rows over the next week.


  1. I love the colours, well done. After that kind of start I don't know if I could have kept going.......:-))))))))))

  2. Pretty HSTs , I can tell you that if you spray starch your blocks before sewing you may find the bias is less stretchy . Your new space is divine by the way .

  3. Glad you got your machine going as you ended up getting lots done. I have used this method to make pinwheels. Just have to be careful but definitely a quick way to do it. Hugs.......

  4. Well done in achieving so much in an afternoon. Love your fabric choices.

  5. Yes I love that way of making HSTs. I also love that pattern. My daughter is in love with chevrons and I thought that might be fun to make for her. We'll see.

  6. Wow, you have had a productive day! Love the soft seaside colours you are using, it's going to be a fabulous quilt :-)
    Have a happy week,

  7. very pretty colours, and they would match my house quite well! :) I use that method for pinwheels too. xx debbie

  8. Great hint, I had not heard of making HST that way - I have put that in my memory bank for later
    Love the colours you are using, very fresh

  9. Just as well the day wasn't too flash
    outside, gave you an opportunity to sew.
    Lovely colours and thanks for the tip.
    Cheers, Anita.

  10. I've seen this HST method before but I don't know what size square you start with to give a specific size HST!!

  11. Beautiful colours, it will be a gorgeous quilt. xx

  12. My goodness, you got a lot of sewing done! Those fabrics are lovely...very nice colours :-)

  13. The colors of this quilt are soothing and beautiful.
    Can hardly wait to see the finish !


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