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Saturday 1 September 2012

minute by minute

A few weeks ago, Madam Samm from Sew We Quilt posted about planning your time with a timer. You can go here to read her post.  Really this is not a new concept for me, I have just become lazy and forgot to do so.  Today, I decided to get back into it with the hopes of getting the most out of my day.

I set the timer on my phone for 3 one hour segments throughout the afternoon to see how much I achieved while the hour was ticking down.

Since I finished block 10 of my Teddy Bear Tea Party, I prepared block 11.

here is a sneak peek of the fabrics I used.

I auditioned fabrics for block 12 and cut out the shapes ready to be placed on the background.

Then I started on My Garden.  With only two more blocks to stitch, I decided to get them both ready for stitching.

In my last hour, I auditioned fabrics for Block 5 of Farmyard Frolics.  I have changed the original block and used another of Sally's patterns to put in the quilt. I prepared all the applique  pieces to be placed on the background and then my last hour was up!

 At the end of August, (can't believe we are already halfway through this year) this is a rundown of my projects:

Teddy Bear Tea Party by Teddlywinks - I have just finished Block 10 of 12
My Garden by Lynette Anderson - I am on block 7 of 9
Farmyard Frolics by Millamac - I am on Block 7 of 8 (but I need to go back and finish some blocks off)
Merry Merry Snowmen by Bunny Hill Designs - I am on Block 1 of 9?
The Edwardian House by Robyn Allen Waters - I am on Block 3 of 12
Long Time ago in Bethlehem by Homespun - 0 blocks of 4 (downloaded)

Rusty's Quilt - Queen size quilt - in process of sewing rows together
…’twas the night before Christmas and Santa’s downunder…. - wallhanging - still appliqueing design.

I hope you had a productive Saturday too!


  1. That's a lot of progress on the preparation - and isn't that what takes the time??

  2. Wow, you surely have gotten alot done on all your projects and I love the timer idea. Will have to give it a shot. Have a great Saturday Cath!

  3. You got a lot done. The timer is a great idea. When my girls were little I used to set it for 10 minutes and told them anyone can do anything for only ten minutes. They were happier to tidy up when they knew the timer would stop them doing too much - funny little things.

  4. It sounds like the timer worked very well for you , you accomplished a lot in your time.Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  5. Great;may be a timer could work for me as well?? Happy Sewing week,Cath :-)

  6. Hey Cath! You won my giveaway. :o) Email me your snail mail address and I'll mail you the FQ's. Then I'll have the gift cert from FQS emailed to your email address. Yay! Congrats!! xo

  7. You got a lot done - clever you the timer is a great idea.


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