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Tuesday 25 September 2012

Good Old Blighty - Tuesday Treasure

I am sure I have mentioned it many times already but if you are new to reading my blog then let me fill you in. I am a dinky di Aussie these days but I was born in Yorkshire, UK and have a very deep affection for all that is English.

 London has to be one of my all time favourite cities. I love, love, love the street markets, the galleries and museums, the historical sites, the West End Theatres, travelling on the underground, the red double decker buses, red post boxes and red telephone boxes, traditional pub lunches and Union Jack bunting. I have lived in Australia for half my life now but good old Blighty flows through my veins and I think of that in itself as a huge treasure.

When there last year on holiday with Miss M, I decided to bring back something to remind me of these things that I love so much and evoke such nostalgic memories of times past that I have holidayed there.

   The phonebox is disguised as a teapot and the postbox is really a pencil sharpener. I love these two little treasures and they greet any visitors because they sit in the hallway with other little treasures from places I have been.

If you have a treasure you want to share, head on over to Melody's The House on the Side of the Hill and join in the fun.  

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  1. Ooooh I love, love, love that teapot! At first glance I thought the pencil sharpener was a sugar dispenser! Lovely treasures to remind you of home. xoxo


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