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Saturday 3 October 2015

Scatterbrain with a side of Wild and Woolly

I am a little later than usual posting my FNWF post today because we are having a Wild and Woolly day today which has me on tenterhooks. I should be enjoying this burst of Summer heat we are having and I do love a good wild, gusty wind.....but the two together spell....EXTREME FIRE DANGER and there have been a number of fires around the area already which makes me very nervous considering our location. The photo below is today's image from the Fire Alert Website that I follow on days like this....nothing to worry about at the moment but matters can change very quickly.

All the blue edged white squares are reported fires the ones with a blue flame are low alert

 Back to the stitching, which is where my SCATTERBRAIN comes into effect.  As I predicted a couple of weeks ago, Block 2 for Flowerville arrived in the mail soon after but since I had my son visit for the weekend +, I have been a bit slack in picking up needle and thread again.

Last night I decided there was no more time to lose but get stuck into it.  Preparation of this block is easy because the design is already printed onto the background but it needs some stabilising so I wasted no time ironing on some whisperweft onto the back and then went in search of my favourite round embroidery frame.....nowhere to be found! I searched and searched each and every room in this house but for the life of me...I have no idea where it is. Even today I had another look but still couldn't find it. Not too much of a problem, although it bothers me, because in searching, I found my Sewline square snap frame which fortunately was just the right size.  Then for a needle.......looked everywhere for the needle I was using...'cos it was a good'un!

It took me awhile to realise I had left it in my pincushion next to my chair. The reason I put it in the pincushion in the first place, was so I knew where it was when I needed it again! Complete Scatterbrain!

Eventually I got around to stitching but I didn't get as much done as I would of liked and it doesn't make for great photo's just yet.

Linking in with Cheryl @ Gone Stitchin' for FNWF

Blog Newsy Bits

  • The Design Wall Monday Link Party is going as well as I could of hoped....thanks to everyone who has participated so far! All you need is Needle and Thread to participate!
  • Wednesday will see me start a Link Party over at Cath@Home....Link in your recipes....and be eligible for a monthly giveaway!
 Looking forward to seeing you at both!


  1. Look at the bend in that needle. LOL Its just like most of mine. What brand needle do you favour?

  2. You got there in the end lol! Stay safe in the wild and wooly weather.

  3. It's heartwarming to know that I'm not the only one who can't find something after I've put it in a very safe place where I "know" I can find it. I hope you will NOT have a long summer of worrying about fires.

  4. Hee hee - you sound like me with the scatterbrained misplacing of sewing items. Half the time I'll be saying "Now you know you didn't leave this room."
    I'll pray that the fire dangers go away and that you stay safe Cath!

  5. Hi Cath,lol,sounds just like me,i hope you have a wonderful sunday my friend xx

  6. Gosh Cath, I'm not surprised you were a bit scatterbrained with the threat which the map shows... hope it settles down with a good dumping of rain and no winds. You've made a good little start on that block and next time you sit down to it you'll be organised and raring to go :-)

  7. Life is like that...I spend precious time looking for things I have put in a safe place....I have even resorted to keeping a list of these safe places....how pathetic is that! Hope your hoop turns up....
    I love flow evilly....just too much on already.....

  8. I think it is going to be a bad fire season Stay safe

  9. Sounds very familiar hehe...the stitching is looking great :)

  10. Doesn't that drive you crazy when you can't find one of your favourite things. It will turn up when you are looking for something else. Beautiful stitching..

  11. Oh dear, it sounds like you spent a fair bit of your stitching time searching for lost bits and pieces, love the stitching you did get done though and I'm in love with the multi colourful thread you're using. Hope you stay safe from that wild and windy weather.

  12. Oh dear, it sounds like you spent a fair bit of your stitching time searching for lost bits and pieces, love the stitching you did get done though and I'm in love with the multi colourful thread you're using. Hope you stay safe from that wild and windy weather.

  13. Sounds like your mind was otherwise occupied to stitch
    Hope you are safe and sound

  14. The thread you are using looks interesting - hope you post more pictures soon. Stay safe. xx

  15. gorgeous thread there Cath... you're so funny describing your Searches!!


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