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Monday 5 October 2015

DBM #4 - This & That

We have switched over to Daylight Saving in the south eastern states now but I haven't lived with daylight saving for most of my life. It is hard making the transition. I was so confused about the time yesterday because my body clock was telling me what time it should be and the wall clock was telling me I was wrong! With that in mind, it was 1am(ish) DLS time when I eventually climbed into bed not feeling at all sleepy....which means I was a 'late' riser this morning.  Just as well I have nowhere to go and no-one to see!

Except all of you, of course...are you joining me for Design Board Monday? I do hope so.

There is nothing new on  my design board today....just continuing with this and that...

I started block three of Flowerville on Friday night and I hope to complete that this week...it will be easy peasy...I am enjoying stitching it so much and the thread colours are so beautiful that I can't wait to see them stitched up.

I also finished 8 blocks of the Brookfield BOM so I will be prepping the next set of those to stitch...I will most likely get a start on stitching them as well...it is another one that I am enjoying...wool is a wonderful medium to work with...it is so forgiving ♥♥♥

And lastly, I need to keep moving with this little quilt that I am making...I don't have long to get it done and I have procrastinated over it for far too long.

Now it is your turn....link up and let us know what you are working on this week.

  • link anything that you are working on this week or over the past week....needle and thread is all it takes! 
  • Please add a link back to Bits 'n Bobs as part of your post (cut and paste the badge, if you like)
  • Please make the effort to visit other link users and leave them a comment to make their day!
  • Link will be open until Sunday 11/10/15

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  1. beautifully stitching progress Cath,
    your little baskets are multiplying, they look gorgeous.

  2. The multi-colored thread is a fun addition to the stitching. Your baskets look great. Hope you finish your project on time.

    We go back the other way to standard time in about a month, Fall is always the harder transition for me because we loose an hour.

  3. Hi, Cath! I really detest time changes. Can we just stop already? lol Those colors in that thread are gorgeous. You got a lot of baskets done up already. :)

  4. Your embroidery is so fun, colorful and whimsical! I love your wool baskets, too.

  5. I really like that beautiful thread you are stitching with. I makes that pattern even more joyful. The baskets are great also. I am looking forward to seeing them all together.

  6. Flowerville looks beautiful, I just love the colours

  7. Love the projects you are working on! The thread you are using for Flowerville looks beautiful! Christine x

  8. I love your embroidery on Flowerville, the thread and the colours are so pretty. Barbara xx

  9. The threads you are using are so pretty, Cath. Your Flowerville is going to be beautiful. Love your little baskets. Hugs, Christine xx

  10. Love your embroidery work. So pretty!

  11. Your Flowerville piece is fabulous. The variegated thread you are using is fantastic. I love the colors. Lovely work!

  12. Definitely beautiful stitching. Hum, seems to me I have some wool waiting to be used at some point...maybe I should take a look at it.

  13. How lovely will it looks when it is finished. Wonderful work!

  14. I agree, the thread colors are gorgeous! Makes stitching all the more fun!

  15. We'll be coming off Daylight Savings Time in three weeks. Just as my body has finally gotten use to it, I'll have to adjust again. Drives me crazy as my biological clock likes regular time - the adjustment won't take so long. Nice projects all.

  16. Beautiful blocks! We'll be changing time in about three weeks also.


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