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Wednesday 26 August 2015

I am a Glutton for Stitcheries!

I just can't help myself, I think it might be a disease but I am definitely a glutton....why? because, even though I have up to 8 BOM's in various stages of completion, even though I have, just this week, started on block one of one new BOM, I have gone and signed up again.

I was scrolling through the homepage on my Cathquilts at Bits 'n Bobs facebook page and there it was, as pretty as can be. I am talking about Flowerville by Rosalie Dekker.   I immediately went in search of where I could sign up for this lovely BOM and found a really good, that settles it, price at 'Under the Mulberry Tree'

Once again, the pattern calls for Cottage Garden Threads and Tilda fabrics. I will have quite a collection of these very soon.  I received the Threads and Block 1 yesterday, which also has the Dresden Plate template.

The best part about this BOM is that it doesn't need tracing because the design is already printed onto the background......and there are no other threads required which means right after I have ironed on the Whisperweft, I can start stitching straight away.

So what do you think? Am I a glutton for stitcheries? Please tell me I am not alone with this incurable disease! To make matters worse, I have another secret that I have not been sharing with you.......can you guess what it is?

Well, I might as well tell you.......I have yet another BOM, which I signed up for back in early July and I haven't shared with you yet.  Block one has arrived for that but I will fill you in on another day! In the meantime, I have made a promise to myself that I will have all the blocks from all three BOMs finished before the next blocks arrives. Which is why I am going into Hobart on Friday to stock up on DMC threads I will need. 

Right....gotta go stitch now!

On another topic.....tomorrow is the last day to enter and vote in the greatest show around.....Lily Pad Quilting: Pets on Quilts.  THIS is our entry and there is also a link to the rest of the entries.


  1. go for it I say........this looks like a beautiful project............

  2. I won't judge you at all Cath, it's hard to resist a good stitchery design.
    I must say I have some neglected ones that need attention.
    Hope you keep to your agenda, that should make you not feel guilty.
    Happy stitching on your gorgeous projects... can't wait to see your other confessional stitchery.

  3. Melody has been stitching this and it's lovely. I say the more boms the merrier!

  4. Haha - well at least you pick lovely BOMs Cath. Just the threads are so beautiful they draw me right in. I could become a thread hoarder easily.

  5. I love doing stitcheries too but haven't caught the bug quite like you, Cath. I've been watching Melody stitching hers. All the blocks are beautiful. Have fun!

  6. Oh heck... that is one gorgoues BOM. Reckon I'm going to be visiting Under the Mulberry Tree to check it out. Hoping it's too spendy for me right now. Who am I kidding.... I'm hoping it's a bargain! lol
    There is no such thing as too many pretty things......xxx


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