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Saturday 22 August 2015

Just the Basics - FNSI

A few posts ago, I shared my new BOM with you and ended with how eager I was to get started....that was wishful thinking. Before I could transfer the design onto my fabric, I needed to find a marking pen. Pigma pens are my favourite way of transferring designs....the finer, the better.

No problems, I thought, I am sure there is one somewhere in my sewing room..........only to discover, there was not one to be found...Zip, Zero, Zilch! Initially, I thought it would just be easier to get one at the quilt shop in town when I did my grocery shopping but she had no idea what I meant and said to try the art shop over in the bigger town......I didn't really want to drive 20kms for a pen and since we don't have a newsagent in town anymore, my only solution was to search out the box that I packed the pens into.

So, I had to check my list of remaining packed boxes and I found one that vaguely listed "general stationery".  Lucky for me, it was the very box I was looking for.  As soon as I opened it, I saw all my different kinds of fabric markers in a ziplock bag.

 Before I did anything else, I popped them in this little bucket and onto the shelf in my sewing room so I know exactly where they are when I need them again.

 Just have a look at how many pigma pens I actually have!

This has taken me all week and I thought that FNSI would be a good opportunity to get the basic preparation of my block done......HA!

How am I supposed to do anything when these two want cuddle time with mum?

Eventually, I got the resolve to say.....enough is enough Girls! I've got stuff to do! My light box was one of the first things that was unpacked so I knew where that was....and the electrical cord....

Hubby was watching AFL on the Telly so it was the perfect time to trace.....because it isn't something you can do while watching a show......lines tend to get omitted....or is that just me?

Unfortunately the Hawks lost their match but I at least had a success and  managed to get my first block traced onto the fabric and then backed it with Whisperweft.

And that my friends, is what I achieved for FNSI.....just the basics, no stitching.  I am hoping to start stitching today and I can start with the Cottage Garden Threads which came with the BOM but I do need my boxes of DMC threads as well....I have three thread boxes and even though I know they are in the box numbered 11, I haven't located that box yet!  Wish me luck!

I hope you all enjoyed FNSI or at least enjoy visiting all those who took part.  You can find the list HERE and thank you to Wendy for hosting.


  1. Niw that is out of the way the fun part can start, lucky you found all your pens :)

  2. Yes, I don't think you need another pigma pen. Gorgeous puppy dogs.

  3. So pleased you found your pens would have been a long drive otherwise....what beautiful dogs.

  4. well done on finding the pen stash, they will be at hand now.
    such a pretty stitchery
    and those girls are so cute..

  5. nice work. going to be cute when you are finished.

  6. Tracing is Not nothing, Cath! It takes time & focus, or you know the stitched result is not going to be good... great that you found your pigma pens, I love those ones & like you I have a few too...
    Happy Stitching!

  7. Your threads are absolutely gorgeous! Love the pattern - can't wait to see what it looks like in those beautiful colors!

  8. haha, I had to laugh when I saw your bundle of pens, and they could have been joined by another! Those threads are so beautiful. Even if you never used them they would be beautiful to look at and pat.

  9. I love your new project Cath, stitchery is my favourite thing to do int he evenings while I'm watching tele. I look foreward to seeing your progress.

  10. I love those little buckets....they keep everything organised. Looking forward to seeing your lovely stitchery.

  11. How can you possibly say no to cuddles with those beautiful girls. I keep all my marking pens in a draw by the side of my sewing machine. It contains all the stationery I use for sewing. I love the look of that BOM and the colours you are using

  12. I've never heard of Whisperweft...you've shown me two new products here and in your comment to me! Absolutely LOVE your girls - oomph! That's a lot of doggie love. I wouldn't have it any other way, me. Love my Pigma pens, and I've got every one of the ones you show in your little pail. I keep mine in various containers: a pencil holder, a broken handled cup, more in an old (washed of course) candle holder or two!

  13. So much detail, it will look lovely when stitched.

  14. It's always great getting the prep work done. It must get quite tricky stitching with those two on your lap, Cath.

  15. Glad you found your pens. I know what that's like. Getting the prep work done is big. It's such a cute design.

  16. I've seen those pens somewhere before.... right... I have a bundle that looks just like yours! lol Glad you found them in time to do your prep work. Cute design..... looks like you are going to have lots of fun stitching.....xxx


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