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Friday 28 August 2015

To Market, to Market...

...to buy a few threads!This meant coming home with quite a bit more than threads.

I had plans to head into Hobart town today (Friday) but a couple of factors had me change my mind and  drive in yesterday instead.  One reason was the predicted rain for Friday...not that I have a problem driving in the rain...it's just that the puppies don't seek shelter when it rains and prefer to sit in the driveway waiting for me to come home.....poor soggy doggies! Reason two was I had spied some new fabric that had arrived at Frangipani Fabrics and it was said to be racing out the door.

Just a few days ago I had seen a quilt block using different text fabric as a background and I resolved to make text fabric my next must have collection. Rather freaky that these suddenly appeared in my fb feed. They weren't wrong about it running out the door....the one on the left only had 45cm left on the bolt.....and I bought that.

Since I was planning a trip to Frangipani Fabrics, I also took a piece of fabric along to match up. I bought the little birds fabric on my recent trip to Brisbane and, after searching for what seems like forever, I found a pattern that I am hoping will work perfectly but I needed two co-ordinating fabrics. Luckily, I found just the thing.

And then it was on to find the threads to finish my Stitchery BOM - A Country Tea Party.  Spotlight, in Hobart, is right in the heart of the city and it is the one sure place I know I can find DMC threads.  They had most of them but there were three that I couldn't find.  I find it odd, because they were not just empty pegs on the stand....the numbers were not there at all. I did spend some time yesterday afternoon winding all those threads (14 skeins) onto cards.

 I am starting to feel a bit guilty about all the purchases I have been making and just to prove that I am being productive with all the bits 'n pieces purchased lately, here are some parts of Block one that I have finished.

I am really looking forward to finishing this block over the weekend and then I can start on Flowerville.  I better not forget to make something with those little birdie fabrics though.  I only have one month to get that one finished.


  1. I've bought a couple of text print fabrics recently too. :)

  2. You are a super shopper, great choices

  3. I have always been smitten with things that have words on them. When I first started seeing text prints I went gaga! I have quite the stash now ; )
    Your stitchery it looks lovely

  4. Ohhhh - Lila and Callie just sit in the rain and wait for you? Oh my that is dedication! Poor soggy doggies indeed.
    Your stitching is so adorable Cath! Love that teddy and the little bluebird under the tree! And i would have bought those text print fabrics in a heartbeat too.

  5. Hi Cathy boy you bought lots of beautiful things ,well done,I sure do like your fabric,sounds like those 3 DMC threads are discontinued ,you might be able to google a substitute for them, your little teddy stitchery is very cute,happy stitching my friend xx


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