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Saturday 19 July 2014

TGIF and FNSI with Teddy Bears

Is it Friday yet? I have been asking myself that question all week. Do you ever get weeks like that, when you lose track of what day it is? I have been doing that since Monday! It got to the point that I was worried I was going to miss Friday and wake up one moring, only to realise that it was Saturday already. So I say, Thank Goodness It's Friday! And of course this Friday is FNSI so I wonder, do you have your needle threaded?

I actually started preparing a few days prior to today by putting together the binding for two quilts. One was this one for my Mariners Compass which I am teaming up with a dark blue peeper. Its actual name is a 'flange' but I hate that word so I call it a peeper

The other prepared binding is for the Teddy Bear Tea Party quilt that I finished quilting last month.  I was wanting to sew some ric rac trim peeping out under the binding but after visiting all the shops on the Quilters Trail and not finding any ric rac that fit the bill, I have decided to just bind it in the pink that I used within the quilt.

Today, I put aside the Mariners Compass binding for the time being and instead put the pink binding on the Teddy Bear quilt.

Have I told you how much I love my binding tool?  It takes the guess work out of joining the end of the binding just right. No measuring or pinning the end.....the tool gives me an exact cut and join.

I have spent this evening stitching the binding down.  There was nothing much I wanted to watch on the telly this evening so I watched a DVD while I stitched. 

 Three out of four sides have been completed but I need to attach a hanging sleeve so will do that before completely finishing the quilt.

Why not pop over to Sugarlane Designs and and see how everyone else spent their  FNSI

ps......yes, I know it is SATURDAY now and this post was written last night when it was still FRIDAY......well I hope so anyway :)


  1. Looking good so far. Love the fabric.

  2. great nights work Cath.love the spotted peeper and binding,and i hope you have a lovely weekend.xx

  3. Both projects look really interesting. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilts

  4. Yes, it's Friday : ) I love doing binding

  5. this week has just flown, lost my bearings as to what day it was a few times this week.
    lovely binding and the idea of the ric rac is a great one as is the darker blue peeper you have preapred. Looking forward to seeing the two finishes.

  6. its very satisfying to finish off the binding and a DVD will always help!

  7. You got quite a bit done Cath.

  8. I love binding especially hand sewing it down. Great progress. Loved Vikings but have to admit I was glad that I had stitching to concentrate on during the gory details.

  9. Lovely sewing and I do like your ideas with the peeper and ric rac .. Something different.

  10. Gorgeous fabric and a job well done with the binding..

  11. Love both bindings, great nights work :)

  12. Very pretty, Binding is so relaxing while you are watching movies and you keep warm while youre sewing.

  13. gorgeous colours, so nice to be able to just sit and enjoy one's hobbys

  14. Hi Cath, Yes I'm like you...muddled up with the days! Especially being on
    holidays I hardly know what day it is.
    Cheers, Anita.

  15. Sometimes I loose whole weeks... so there is hope for you yet! :o) Great work prepping the bindings in advance. Must investigate that binding tool.. .it looks very useful. Can't say I fancy Vikings.. I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to bloodthirsty! Glad you enjoyed your evening.


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