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Wednesday 23 July 2014

Mariners Compass.....the Quilting

I somehow found the courage to load this quilt and begin quilting it but boy have I had issues.  I just cannot get the bobbin tension right on Ava.  I had a scrap sandwich next to my actual quilt and kept adjusting the tension and testing my stitches on there......and I was happy with them, however, when I moved to my actual quilt, everything just kept going wrong.   This made me very tense and uptight and I had to keep reminding myself to RELAX. 

 I started out with the darker variegated thread but it did not look right so i swapped it for a variegated thread leaning more towards teal. I also changed the quilting plan a little bit.  So the quilting is done but I am not happy with the tension on the back....I will have to work on that some more.

In yesterday's post I outlined my quilting plan. Here's how the quilting actually turned out.

My design for the border stayed essentially the same but instead of doing the swirl in each rectangle, I stretched it out to cover two rectangles at a time.
For the blades, I kept to the swirl on the smaller blades and made a bit of variation for the medium blades and, HOORAH, I kept them going in the right direction all the way around. I stuck with the same design (as planned) in the spaces between the blades.
I tried out a "fern leaf" on the four large central blades and even though they look a bit messy here in this photo, I don't think they look too bad as a whole.

Now, I did have something completely different in mind for these corner bits but at the last minute, I had a look at the planned design and decided I would go with something a bit more freestyle and I am not sorry that I did that.

Tomorrow I will get the binding finished and then I can show you the final result.


  1. this is coming along so nicely...

  2. You've done a great job on the quilting Cath.

  3. You are doing an absolutely fabulous job! Love those corners!

  4. Beautiful! You do lovely work

  5. The quilting looks fabulous :)

  6. Your quilting is great Cath. You have created some gorgeous patterns in the different spaces. Hugs....

  7. The teal variegated thread looks lovely - a good choice! I like the "stretched" swirl too.

  8. the quilting looks great. I really, really like that border design. Was the wadding in your practice sandwich the same as in the quilt as that can make a difference to tension?

  9. This is really lovely work and I love the colours

  10. Hi Cath boy your quilting is beautiful,well done,love it.xx


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