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Tuesday 22 July 2014

Light Bulb Moment

I have put together my final borders on the Mariners Quilt which was my NewFO in May and it is ready for quilting. I have scoured Pinterest for inspiration and put together some ideas on my design printouts but that pieced border was getting the better of me. I just couldn't think of any way to quilt it.

 It finally came to me last night. Like a light bulb suddenly being switched on. I wasn't even thinking about the quilt and suddenly....wham! there it was. Starting in one corner I will move towards the middle creating a swirl and come out of the swirl and move towards the opposite corner.  Doing it this way will make it easy to continue into the next rectangle. My drawing is a little messy as I have drawn over another design which I did not completely erase.....so eager was I to try it out!

I tried several ways to quilt the blades but I have decided on a simple wiggly line with a swirl at the bottom end. Must remember to make the swirls go in one direction though. I saw this done on another Mariners Compass and I liked it.

 I have a design that I will mark onto the corners of the inner square and hopefully I will be able to follow the lines easily.

I bought some blue variegated thread for this while on the Quilters Trail last month but I will be sticking to a neutral colour in the creamy areas. My quilting is not good enough yet to showcase using a different colour on negative space.

 Yes, it is coming together at last.....today I will start the quilting process.

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  1. WOW Cath! Your quilt is looking amazing. Can't wait to see it quilted.

  2. Brilliant idea for your quilting pattern - that's often the hardest part I think - deciding what to put in and where. The different shades of blue give such a lovely fresh look to the quilt. Gorgeous!

  3. It's looking wonderful, Cath!

  4. I like that first design for piano key borders. Excellent. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished quilting.

  5. love those ideas... it will look perfect...

  6. This is beautiful, Cath !
    You have chosen some great quilting ideas.


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