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Thursday 24 July 2014

Mariners Compass.....The Binding and the Finish

I prepared the binding for this quilt last week and set it aside until I was ready to use it.

 At first, I wondered if I should use one of the blue batik fabrics from the blades to make the binding but decided to use that shimmer effect batik that is in the border and add a dark blue peeper underneath the binding.

How do you make your binding?  Years ago, I was taught to cut my binding strips at a 45 degree angle and sew them together (it was always messy) then some years later I was taught to lay them as below, right sides facing, sew diagonally (across the pins corner to corner) and then cut the excess off.  Works brilliantly every time.  I love how our knowlege grows as we learn new or different techniques.  I am hoping that will be the case with my quilting and it will get better (much better) as time goes by.

I am really pleased with my decision for the binding and love how that peeper looks

I bought some backing for this quilt last week which I found on special at my LQS but it wasn't quite the right colour so I went back to my stash and look at this divine shell pattern that I found.  I would say this piece has been sitting in my stash for close to 15 years. I was so thrilled to find I had more than enough to use as a backing on my Mariners Compass.

And without further ado.......here is the finished product!

Very bright sunlight this morning.......and just look at that dried out lawn!....... hope you can see the quilting ok.


  1. Hi Cath and wow this is so stunning,well done my friend.xx

  2. Wow that looks wonderful.....a job well done.

  3. Oh my, this is just stunning! You did an amazing job on this quilt...and your quilting is wonderfully done! Great job!

  4. It's fabulous Cath... I hope you are feeling very proud of it...

  5. Just beautiful Cath, you have done a fantastic job on the quilting. Hugs.......

  6. So pretty, I love the colours and the shell fabric backing is stunning. I made my first quilt in 1973 and haven't stopped, but I am still learning new things too! xx debbie

  7. Your quilt is fantastic Cath. I bet you are so pleased.

  8. wow what a gorgeous finish!!
    the peeper looks wonderful and I think the binding fabric was a definite winner too.

  9. Great job - peepers do add a special touch in some quilts..your quilting looks great.
    very dry everywhere...

  10. Waow ! it is splendid !!

  11. nicely done! the quilting looks great

  12. Mariners looks great...............

  13. This is such a gorgeous quilt, Cath. And, yes! I love that method of joining binding strips. I use an extension of it to attach the end of the binding to the beginning, too, when I'm finishing up attaching it to the quilt. I always hated geometry in grade school, but now I love it, because tricks like this do a lot of figuring work for us. :)


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