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Wednesday 4 December 2013

Challenge Winner Revealed

I said I would let you know the results of the Quilt Challenge.....due yesterday or was it the day before (I do wish the days would slow down just a tad!)....but as usual, life is hectic and I had other priorities (does anyone else suffer from this, or is it just me that suffers from poor time management?) I digress....
photo nicked from Apatchy Quilting blog - Smoke Signals from a Log Cabin

There were 14 entries into the quilt challenge and all entries were anonymous although there was a list of all entrants. There were three prizes to be won. The Judges Award, Commendation Award and Viewers Choice Award.

Oops I missed one
While the judge and Kay discussed how to choose a winning quilt, the rest of us ate, drank (although no alcoholic beverages were present) and were very Merry. We had a Secret Santa event and I picked out an adorable Money Box.....just look at her taking pride of place in my sewing room and collecting coins so I can go out and add to my stash!

Then we had a visit from Santa's Angel (really Kaye's granddaughter in disguise.....shhh) who handed out gifts to all of us for being so good at stitching throughout the year......we all got a project folder! Kaye is really the MOST generous person ever.  Throughout the year she attends different craft fairs with her shop but I really think she mostly does shopping as she always buys Christmas Presents there for us girls.....34 of us were at the Party but there were presents for those who couldn't attend too.  This is what I got
A gorgeous teatowel (how will I bring myself to use it?) and ribbon winders

Then it was time for door prizes (3 to be won) and guess what? I won one!

pattern, hexagon template and hexagon precuts

Finally it was time to announce the winners of the Challenge. The Highly Commended prize went to the lady who was sat to my left who also won the 3rd Door prize - no kidding!
Her inspiration for this quilt was an art piece in her holiday unit in Mildura.

First Prize went to the lady who was sat on my right and who also won the first Door prize! Do you see a trend here?

This quilt is reminiscent of family holidays spent camping at rain forests. There was only one winner left to announce.....the Viewers Choice and the winning quilt got more than double the number of votes than any other!!! WOW!  Since you have already had plenty of pictures of this quilt......yes it was me!  here is the label on the back.

and here is my certificate which I recieved along with a $50 gift voucher and a sewing basket.

Lastly, I have to show you the 14th quilt which was made for the challenge although this one is not allowed to enter as it belongs to Kaye and thank goodness for that as she would of been the all round winner. Although not visible in the photo, the detail is amazing.
inspired by her visit to Time Square



  1. Congratulations Cath!
    Have fun spending your winnings!!

  2. Congratulations Cath!
    Have fun spending your winnings!!

  3. Well done CONGRATULATIONS !!!!

  4. Congratulations Cath - that is great!

  5. Congratulations Cath; that's wonderful!

  6. Congrats! Kudos to you Cath! A celebration is in order for you! Enjoy!

  7. So exciting and well deserved!

  8. Congratulations Cath, well deserved , a beautiful quilt!

  9. Your quilt is so clever, I love the idea of your family being included. Congratulations on your win. xx debbie


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