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Wednesday 15 August 2012

Day out at the Ekka

For those of you not from Brisbane, the Ekka is the colloquial name given to our Royal Queensland Agricultural Show. I haven't been to the show for near on 12 years so it was a real treat to go with my dear friend, Helen.

 Just want to share some of my favourite photos for the day.
I could have eaten more than one of these gorgeous apples! So much better than candy floss.
believe it or not.....these flowers are made out of icing sugar
My favourite iced cake
this gorgeously smocked girls dress had me swooning!

  Oh, and the quilts......better not forget to show them.
hand pieced and hand quilted.
beautiful blues
This was my favourite.....I just loved the blue hues.
All in all we spent 6 hours at the show. Wandered around the food pavillion sampling various goodies and treating ourselves to stawberries dipped in chocolate served on a kebab stick.  Mmmmmmmm! We took every opportunity to pat the dogs, cats, sheep, cows and horses. Viewed the quilts, cakes, crafts and paintings and even came home with a showbag each.

All in all, an awesome day at the Ekka!



  1. Looks like a great time....love, love, love that smocking!

  2. You take such beautiful pictures! I have the pattern of the first quilt you showed. I have 4 blocks made I think. So very pretty.

  3. Love your photos Cath. I had one of those apple slinkies too and it was delicious. Looks like you and I did almost the exact things! Love the Ekka. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos x

  4. Beautiful photos, the icing is amazing! The flowers look real.


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