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Saturday 4 August 2012

Hoorah....its Holiday!

Today marks the start of 1 week of annual leave for me although, really, I could say it started on Tuesday because I had two RDOs and then two sick leave days. Shame I felt too horrible to want to do anything. I am hoping to spend the week sorting out and organising my kitchen and posting that on Cath@Home......hopefully its all smooth sailing around here.

 I would also like to get stuck into "Rusty's Quilt" which is a quilt for Red which I started last year and hoped to have ready for Christmas '11.....well didn't make that deadline, so Christmas 2012 it is!

I have made quite a dent in it.  I found most of these batiks on my quilt shop-hop last year and in the colours that will match the decor in his bedroom.

I think there were something like 308 little squares to cut out and 77 large rectangles!
I am using a pattern I got from Koolkat Quilting in Toowoomba called Japanese Story which is based on elongated snow balls.
Ironing all those little squares in half to sew onto the corners of the rectangles. I did mention 308 of them!!
Pinning them onto the corners
and sewing them down that pressed line
That was really the hard part done.....well, except for cutting out all those squares.

and I got all the sashing cut out and sewn on to the blocks.

I laid them out on the floor to find a lay out that I liked since then I have sewn two rows together...in 6 months!

So about time I got this finished....Don't you think?


  1. Hi Cath, enjoy your week off. You may find time to get stuck into your UFOs. Your batik quilt is looking great.

  2. Enjoy your time off and take some time to just enjoy . Your batik quilt is going to be gorgeous , love those fabrics.

  3. Your batik quilt will look gorgeous when it's finished, Cath. Hope you are on the mend - it would be no good to be ill for your holidays!


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