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Saturday 5 May 2012


Sounds odd, but my girls are having a sleepover this weekend. By girls, I do mean my furbabies, Callie and Lila!

So who came to have a sleepover? Clover did! Here she is

Clover is a new addition to the family. My son, Red, gave her a home a couple of weeks ago when she was found homeless and as no-one has yet come forward to claim her, it seems she is here to stay. I guess you could call her my (fur)grandbaby. The vet thinks she is 2yrs old and she is the sweetest little girl.

Since her new owners (being miss M and Red) both had plans this weekend, "Grammie" (that's me) offered to have the little darling here. She came over yesterday and joined the "girls" on a walk and had a little play in the garden and then miss M brought her over for the sleepover this afternoon.  We went for another walk and I am thrilled to report that it went much better today and I sent Clover to the top of the class for sitting when told, not eating anything disgusting and most importantly, returning immediately when her leash was accidently dropped and she ran ahead.

Yet again.....Lila unable to sit still
After their walk and dinner, I got their beds ready and right now they are fast asleep on their beds.

Aren't they soooooo CuTe?!

And I get to do it all again tomorrow and Monday!!



  1. That's adorable! They do look so cute all sleeping in a row like that. It's good that if Clover had get lost, it was someone like your son that found her.
    Enjoy the rest of her visit, and don't spoil her too much.

  2. How gorgeous - and lucky she casme back when called !!

  3. How cool they all sleep in their beds and obviously are getting along so well together . Enjoy your sleepover guest :-)

  4. cute puppies on their beds, my two dogs bed happens to be the same one I sleep in. something wrong there I know.

  5. Love it! Love the picture of them all sleeping in a row. Have fun!

  6. They are so cute. Red is such a good person for giving a home to this little darling.


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