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Tuesday 29 May 2012

My Old Teddy is a Treasure to Me

I read a blog a couple of months ago on Melody's Tuesday Treasures about an old Teddy Bear and it got me thinking about my old Teddy.  I had a multitude of teddies growing up.....a really huge green and white stripped one, a big floppy yellow one, that was nearly as big as me, with blue paw pads and inner ears that I dragged around everywhere so that he had to have his ear sewn back on several times, and eventually lost an eye. And several other teddies in various sizes and colours. Apparantly I used to line them all up on the bed and have conversations with them.  My mum tells me a story of a day, I was about 3 or 4 years old, when she decided all my teddies needed a good wash so she filled the bath tub to wash them and thought I would find it amusing if she spoke to them while giving them a wash. The story goes that I was totally shocked at this and announced "Mummy!!, I didn't know you talked to teddies!".  Obviously she was too old for that kind of thing.

very threadbear Ted with missing nose

I am not sure what happened to most of those teddies but I have one teddy that has been with me the longest. It was bought for me before I was even born and has travelled with me all around the world to live in different places in the UK, Southern Africa and Australia. Most of the time it was shoved in a cupboard or packed in a box but now it has a spot in my sewing room and every now and again I do give it a little hug! I definitely don't chat to it anymore.....you don't know who will be listening in!!

What makes Teddy even more of a treasure is this photo I found the other day which shows a 'new' Teddy with me and my two brothers.

An early picture of Teddy with me and my brothers

 Have you hugged your Teddy today??



  1. I am lucky to have three of my stuffed toys / teddies. All have been with me from the "start" and have also travelled with me from the UK to Aust. My mum tells me they removed the stuffing in the uk and restuffed them here ..... made for more cuddles! Thank you for sharing your treasure, he is truley special. hugs

  2. This sweet teddy is adorable.

  3. I have 2 of my originals too. Love teddies and so glad your gorgeous Ted is still with you and is now in such a special place......go on have a chat, I am sure he would love it.

  4. How sweet. I still have my teddy as well. He is lovingly packed away, waiting for the arrival of my first grandchild who will then love it as much as I do!

  5. Loved reading about your Teddies , I unfortunately do not have any of my teddies from when I was young , not sure what became of them really , so glad you have yours to cuddle now and then.

  6. My mum is looking after my teddy... Ben has his monkey still it's sitting on the dresser!

    Is that a young Callie in your photo! SO so cute :D


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