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Thursday 3 May 2012

And back to crafting

I was a little puzzled as to how come I had a viewing spike last week even though I was away and didn't post and then I realised that Debbie from Our Old Homestead had linked me in her post to make My Needle Nanny. Go on over and see her creation! Thanks for the Link Debbie, much appreciated.

I have a busy week ahead of me now because while away, I missed my "Friends with Benefits" swap deadline.  I did contact my swap partner to let her know that it would be a little late and promised I would make every minute count once home to get it finished. I actually took it with me to England and stitched while mum and I chatted and watched tv over cups of good old Yorkshire Tea! I only need to sew it up now. Luckily I have the rest of the week off work. Phew!!

I promised I would show you what Sue from Quilted Hugs sent me for the Pay it Forward "game".  She did warn me that she was blogging about it and I opted not to have a look so it was a total suprise when I opened the parcel to find this lovely cushion cover.

I did find a cushion insert but it is a bit small :( so does not look as pretty in the photo.

but wait.....there is more! She also sent me a bookmark made out of the offcuts (clever!), a reel of pretty pink cotton and a yearly planner.

Thank you Sue, it is a perfectly devine gift.....I love the colours and the fabrics. I have so many conflicting tastes but this certainly reflects my funloving side.

If you want to participate in Pay it Forward....I still have one space left.....click on the Pay-it-forward icon in the side bar to read about the requirements and then leave me a comment letting me know you want to join in.

Well gotta go and give this place a really good clean, put some washing on and sit down to catch up on my tv programmes while I stitch the afternoon away.



  1. You are very welcome and I love my Needle Nanny! What a lovely Pay it Forward package....the cushion is adorable and I love how she made the bookmark! Now that is using all leftover pieces! Have fun stitching.

  2. Such a beautiful cushion, that will brighten a cold winters morning.

  3. Gorgeous cushion cover! I'm loving the orange/hot pink combination that I'm seeing around lately, so bright and cheery. I just saw a pin the other day on how to make two cushions economically and easily from one king-size bed pillow...attaching link in case you might find it useful too:


  4. oops...meant to say 'saw a pin on Pinterest the other day'

  5. So pleased that your cushion cover has arrived, I hope it brightens up a corner for you. Hugs, Sue


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