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Sunday 19 February 2012

Ta Da!

The stitching on The Edwardian House - Block 1 is F I N I S H E D! I know it sounds like I am making a really big deal about this achievement but one small step for me is one giant step towards finishing this BOM. I spent 5 hours stitching yesterday which I found surprising because there seemed to be just a couple of lines to stitch.  Very deceiving! I watched 2 episodes of "Six Feet Under" yesterday afternoon and stitched through that and then in the evening after dinner I watched 3 episodes of CSI (1 each of NY, Miami and Las Vegas ones) and didn't put my needle down then either.

Well it seems the projects are going to win as there has not been much sewing done today as I originally had planned.
I have started a healthy eating plan (diet is a dirty word in my house) with Tony-you-must-give-it-a-go-Ferguson and had to pick up some supplies at the chemist and go out and restock the fridge with plenty of fruits and veg and then Miss M called to see if I could pick her up on the other side of town which was, all up, a 1 hour round trip and as I hadn't been to the fruit shop yet, we called in on the way home. Soon I will have to take the dogs for a walk and then prepare some dinner for us all, so will only get a couple of hours sewing in this evening. I think I have "Bones" and "Castle" to entertain me tonight.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that it is my Mum's birthday today.  I sent a wrapped present home with her to open today and I really hope she likes it! Happy Birthday to my Wonderful, loving Mum!


  1. Your stitchery is beautiful. Isn't it great when you get a big block of time to just sit and stitch. I plan on doing that tonight.
    Have a great week Cath

  2. Hey Cath,
    Love your stitching, very neat!
    Would that be Robyn-Allen Waters design.
    I am sure it is.
    I am currently stitching her newest designs, which won't be released until the very slow sample stitcher finishes them, So I must get onto that.

  3. I'm impressed! There's miles of stitching in that block and it's so neat. That BOM looks like such a BIG project..... you are no chicken that's for sure ;o)


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