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Monday 7 September 2015


When I walked down to the mailbox this morning,  I was very excited to find, not one, but two squishies in our ample sized mailbox.......both for little old me.

 A quick glance alerted me that my missing threads had arrived but I wasn't sure what was in the parcel from Under the Mulberry Tree. It could either be block 2 of Flowerville........or, the Tilda fabrics.  It turned out to be the fabrics that will make up the Dresden plates and I am in love.

And guess what? I completed block one last night. Here it is, ready for the middle of that dresden plate.

So, after much oohing and aahing and fabric stroking, time to open the other parcel.  Now I only needed 3 skeins of thread which would have cost just over $4 with GST........but, I had to spend $10 to make a purchase. No probs, its always handy to have some of those plastic thread bobbins.....right?

Unfortunately, that didn't help much so after another little look on the online store, I spotted this very pretty little thread holder, that took me over the $10. Unwrapping it, I was delighted with what I found.....cute, hey?

What with the extras and the postage, it is something I am hoping I won't have to do again.....postage is a killer!  However, the threads are here, so I can finish off Block one of A Country Tea Party before the next lot of squishies arrive.

P.S....don't forget to head over to Cath@Home ......I have a giveaway happening.


  1. Hi Cath i am so glad that your threads arrived and love your extra buys,i off to visit your other blog now,i hope you have a wonderful evening xx

  2. Hi, wonderful fabrics. Cute thread holder, too! Love your stitching!

  3. What a cute idea to put the embroidery in the middle of a dresden, I'm looking forward to seeing that and the fabrics are gorgeous.

  4. Love your fabrics and your stitchery looks beautiful. As for your little thread holder it is sooo CUTE !!!!

  5. lovely new threads there Cath, & I guess it doesn't hurt to toss a few little lovely extras into the 'Shopping Cart' once in a while!

  6. Hello Cath, such lovely mail. Those tilda fabrics are beautiful and the quilt will look amazing when its done. Happy Stitching.


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