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Saturday 19 September 2015

On Your Toes...it's time to stitch!

I have had such a lovely busy day today.....I started off getting various flower seeds and carrot seeds ready for germination, planted out my lettuce seedlings and got my strawberry plants into bigger pots. Then I headed indoors to get dinner in the slow cooker for later..and then I was free to get into the sewing room.

slow cooked Chilli Con Carne
I prepped some blocks for a BOM that I haven't revealed yet....but be prepared to stay in the dark a bit longer.....I expect to start stitching those over the weekend and I will showcase them in their own post because they really do deserve that. In the meantime...here is a teaser...

After tea time, I decided to continue stitching Dancing with Brolgas from the Australian Afternoon BOM. I had a few more ballet shoes to satin stitch so my birds could perform flawless pointe and perfect their arabesque and grand jetes.

All that is left is to stitch the audience who are sat there in raptured awe...

 and just as well....look what came in the post yesterday.

Looks like I will have to concentrate on Block 2 from A Country Tea Party now and no doubt Flowerville will probably arrive soon too....Australian Afternoon will have to be put away for awhile.

  1. Thank you to Wendy at Sugarlane Designs for hosting us for FNSI.  I have just checked and there were 50 friends sewing last night.  Its going to be a fun and busy weekend visiting them all.
  2. Kathy at Kathy's Quilts for hosting Slow Stitch Sunday
  3.  Beth at Cooking Up Quilts for hosting Main Crush Monday
  4. Super Mom - No Cape for hosting Stitchery Link Party 
  5. A Quilting Reader's Garden for WIPs be Gone
  6. Last but definitely not least....a thank you also to Lynette at What a Hoot for hosting BOMs Away.

My Blog Notes 

  • I am hosting "Design Board Monday" Link Party at Bits 'n Bobs on  Mondays, would love to see you there so mark your calendar. It's open all week!
  • The Link Up at Cath@Home is still open for another week......take a look and enter...because



  1. Love the brolgas...so cute. The template looks very interesting. Dinner looked pretty good too!

  2. Hi Cath,wow those birds are amazing,I love there ballet shoes,well done my friend,love the yummy food too xx

  3. Adorable dancing broglas, and your description of their dance practice gave me a chuckle! :) Dinner looks SO good.

  4. Those dancing birds are amazing, I Love them. xx

  5. WOW those ballet shoes on the brolgas are just gorgeous.

  6. delicious dinner and gorgeous stitching. your ballerina brolgas look great.
    can't wait to see what that basket template project is going to be!
    very sweet block two to keep you occupied too.
    happy stitching

  7. Love the birds and especially the ballet shoes!

  8. Hmm dinner looks good!
    Interesting secret stuff and the brolgas look fabulous.

  9. Beautiful stitching Cath and I like your sneak peak , I love baskets !

  10. Visiting via FNSI & I love this stitchery! What will you make it into ?
    Hugs sharm

  11. Such gorgeous ballet shoes!!

  12. Just love those dancing brolga's very unique, especially those shoes. Your next project looks just as interesting, love working with felt.

  13. What wonderful embroidery! I love your birds. Good luck with your seeds!

  14. I love those dancing birds. Your embroidery is beautiful. I'm looking forward to watching the next problem grow.

  15. OK - maybe this one is my favorite block now! Isn't this going to be wonderfully delightful when they're all together? :D It always catches me off guard the first time I see an Australian or Japanese blog friend mention something about the change to spring or winter since we're exactly opposite. I hope you have a great growing season this year!

  16. Dancing Brolga's - well I never? So cute and your stitching is so beautiful, I wish I could hand embroider

  17. What a fun dancing birds. It made me smile. Your embroidery is beautiful!!!

  18. Hi Cath, I love the dancing birds - and what cute ballet shoes. So sweet. Love the baskets too! Barbara xx

  19. Hello Cath what a cute stitchery and I love the ballet slippers you stitched! Have fun with your next projects! Christine x

  20. Your dancing birds are such fun! They must make you smile each time to pick it up to stitch on it. And I'm looking forward to seeing those bears.

    Thanks so much for linking up to this week's Stitchery Link Party and for the link back. Aloha hugs!


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