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Monday 21 September 2015

Design Board Monday #2.....A new BOM

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Hello to you all and firstly, thank you so much for taking part in last weeks Link Party.....I am so appreciative and never in my wildest dreams did I expect to have 9 "guinea pigs"!  You are the best! Look out for this weeks Linky below.

I have been hinting about this BOM for awhile and now that I am eventually ready to start, I would like to share it with you all.

It was really my own indecision that kept me from starting this project earlier because the recommended threads were not part of the BOM and I couldn't decide if I wanted to use them or not....in the end, the heart won out and they arrived with the 2nd lot of BOM blocks....seems like time to get started on the 1st lot!

Lets back up the truck a bit to that visit I made to The Old Church closing down event way back in June...the day I met both Leonie Bateman and Sue Daley. I initially fell in love with Sue's quilt, "Lancaster" which was one of many on display but I also got a chance to look at Leonie's design...Brookfield which is soooo much nicer in real life.....no picture can do it justice.

I could only afford to get one of these quilts and two factors helped me make up my mind.....1) I already have two Sue Daley kits that are waiting to be sewn....'Marmalade' & 'Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows'; and 2) I really wanted to work with wool felt.

I got started with a couple of blocks on Friday, just to give me an idea of the process and then today I started the production line. The little basket template comes in so handy because it is so much easier to trace around a template rather than trace one through freezer paper.

 This production line was going to be a breeze. First off....tracing the design and ironing the freezer paper onto the felt squares.

 Then cutting out the baskets and adding some glue to the back of them.....using the bonus BOM gift, a Sue Daley sandpaper board, kept those felt bits nice and stable for a swipe of glue.

After that, the felt baskets were glued to the shirt fabric backing and I took them back to the ironing board to affix the whisperweft.

After that was done, I did something which I have never, ever done before......I stapled the applique to the backing fabric!! Because felt doesn't fray, a stabilising medium isn't necessary, and it would make it to hard to sew through as well, I imagine. That is why it is a good idea to staple the basket shapes to the background....extra insurance for less movement.

And this is what I will be setting my mind to for the week.....the first 8 basket blocks for "Brookfield" by Leonie Bateman Designs.

6 out of the 8

Now it's your turn.....

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  1. gorgeous project! it's so lovely to work with the wool. I did a workshop with the quilted crow girls a few years back and learnt their great method for wool applique. The staples are the best. I also found I didn't need the glue after a bit of practice. love the appliqued border for the quilt too.
    Happy stitching!
    (will come back later and link in...)

  2. Beautiful baskets. It is going to be gorgeous.

  3. That template will make it so much easier...and accurate!!

  4. It's great to see your process. I love working with wool and wool felt. I have never used staples nor did have I ever thought of that. Good idea. Your quilt is going to be so pretty.

  5. I've not worked with wool yet. Thanks for sharing your process - I never think of clever things like the sandpaper on my own! I can see why you'd want this BOM, and seeing your fabrics, I understand that the nice interplay of the baskets' backgrounds has to be much more gorgeous than a photo can show. I'm going to love seeing these emerge :D

  6. Oh the baskets are wool , that is even better , I love working with wool . I am off on vacation this week or I might just start but perhaps will join in when I return .

  7. Love these little baskets! So pretty. Thanks for hosting!

  8. Love the initial look of your baskets, cannot wait to follow your progress. I would never have thought of stapling the wool , what a great idea

  9. Love your baskets!! Stapling them was a genius idea. ;)

  10. wow Cathy your quilt will look fantastic,i love the woollen baskets xx

  11. wow Cathy your quilt will look fantastic,i love the woollen baskets xx

  12. I have never worked with felt before either. Your baskets look so cute, and who ever would have thought of stapling? Genius idea! :)

  13. Very pretty baskets, I see why you feel in love with this one! going to look ahead because I'm curious to see how you're doing these (by hand or machine) and what type of thread you'll be stitching them with. Thanks for sharing this at Val's!!


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