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Sunday 24 May 2015

Friends and Fabric are Food for the Soul

I had the most wonderful day yesterday! I got to meet up with a quilty friend all the way from Brisbane and it was like food for my soul.

Helen, who I know from my chat and sew group at Quiltessentials, Eatons Hill, accompanied her husband to Hobart for a conference weekend and I had an opportunity to meet up with her.

First of all this was my first excursion into the city centre so I was a little nervous about all the one way streets and even though I had my GPS, I kept missing the turns.  I eventually found where she was staying, on time thank goodness, picked her up and we went off to explore the quilting world that Hobart has to offer.

First off we went to Easy Sew, on the corner of Elizabeth and Melville Streets, Hobart. This is the place to go if I ever need Kaffe Fasset, Batiks, Handy Quilter accessories and a lot of other really pretty fabrics......very pleased with this find and Judy, who served us was so friendly.....as were the other staff I met there. It is also a machine medical centre so a good place to know about.  I bought these fabrics while in there. The pink floral and the 'I Love You' panel were impulse buys but I have a project in mind for the blue hearts. Interestingly, Helen also bought the two outer fabrics.

When we left there, we walked down Elizabeth St to Liverpool St and a couple of blocks down that way and we reached the Threaded Needle.  This shop is beautifully set out and you can find alot of Tilda and Moda fabric ranges here amongst others.  There was a gorgeous selection of Lynette Anderson Fabrics and some darling wool felt pincushion kits.  Swoon worthy! I could of gone mad but I resisted and just bought some Tilda pins......guess who else bought some?

I wanted to go to nearby Spotlight for some woolly bits and pieces but by now it was two hours later and I needed to check on my parking metre again.  Helen didn't want to go to Spotlight so she went to put money in the metre and we arranged to meet at a nearby cafe for lunch. 

I found what I needed in Spotlight (some knitting needles for an upcoming project) and then I got distracted by the yarns.  I popped a couple of colours that I have been looking for onto my pile and nearly fainted when I saw the length of the queue to pay. 

These will go with that Burnt Orange yarn I bought the other day.
Patiently, I waited my turn and just when I had only one more person to wait for......I remembered.......I hadn't picked up some wool needles! Grrrr! Fate, however,  was on my side, as I hurriedly crossed the road outside Spotlight, I sighted a Yarn shop.....The Stash Cupboard.....and quick as a flash, picked up the needle there.

in my opinion, you can't beat Clover so I was ecstatic by this find.

All uphill from here to the cafe where I was meeting Helen so by the time I reached her, I was puffed out and ready to sit down for awhile.  The Cafe or Sandwich Shop is called Providore and is on Elizabeth St.  They serve the most yummy and original looking salads I have ever seen but we had a slice of pumpkin tart each and sat and chatted for a really long time.  Helen has just been on one of Wacky Jacky's Bali retreats and I tell you......after listening to her stories and seeing her photo's, I am all set to accompany Helen, next time she goes.  I have known Jacky for many years but Bali has never been a calling card for me. Helen told me about all the wonderful experiences and sights they saw there and I really do want to go now. Helen is really one of the most generous, kind, and caring people I know.  She not only insisted on paying for parking, lunch and coffee but gifted me the most stunning pearl bracelet from Bali.......It is so ME, and I love it!

After that wonderful catch up we decided to get in the car and head to Sandy Bay and visit Frangipani Fabrics at 78 Queen Street.  The minute I walked into this shop, I felt an atmosphere that was welcoming and warm.  I spoke to the shop owner, Anne, about social groups and explained where I had come from. She very kindly gave me the information I needed and said they would be very happy to "adopt" me.....wasn't that sweet?  They have my kind of fabrics here too and adorable patterns, books and a lovely big airy and light classroom. I bought a few bits of fabric.  The teal ones are for my Crane quilt that I still have to finish and the birdies just appealed so much.  And again, Helen and I picked out the same fabrics.....how about that?

I have also been busy in my Kitchen @HOME.....I still have to write up the posts but if you haven't clicked to follow me......you may miss out! Can you guess what I have been making this past week?


  1. what a lovely get together and goodies purchased along the way!
    sounds like you are a 'tassie tour guide', will know who to call if I need to know of a great shop in Hobart....we missed out on the shop in Hobart as it was a sunday when we went exploring...think Hub might have planned that on purpose? Though He did take me to the quilted crow shop.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day, Cath. Lovely purchases. I love that bracelet too.

  3. What a great day you had, sound like lots of fun !

  4. Hello Cath,

    Lovely to hear you are finding your way around the place. A good day out with a friend is sure worth the trouble of finding your way. Have fun with your new fabrics.

    Happy days.

  5. What a wonderful day you both had. I love your purchases :-)

  6. Glad you had such a great day. I love those type of days.
    Cheers Pauline


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