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Wednesday 13 May 2015

Keeping Cosy with some Crochet

We have had some wild weather here over the last week and last night was supposed to bring us more snow to 300m overnight but even though I woke to a chilly morning, the expected high winds, frost and low lying snow didn't eventuate.  Still, it was cold enough to light the fire quite early.

And with that, I decided the best way to stay warm was to either plonk myself infront of said fire or  keep busy.  Since there was something I was itching to get done in the Kitchen @Home, I did that first and finally I got to the stage where I could make a toasted sandwich and relax in front of the fire while catching up on some blogs.

Apart from a hearty soup, there is nothing I like more than a toasted Cheese and Tomato sandwich on a cold & chilly day......mmmmmm......and it seems Callie has the same idea since she just sat and stared at my sandwich longingly with those big brown eyes!

With lunch out of the way, I sat in my favourite chair in the corner by the window and only a couple of feet from the warm fire......ready to carry on with my crochet.  I have achieved quite a bit this week, finishing of this tall pile of squares ready to add to my daisy blanket (all two rows of it!). I am finding that as I go on, my tension is becoming much better and I am also getting faster.

Now don't forget that tomorrow is Friday Night Stitch In. I have signed up, have you? Not sure what I will be working on......could be the Daisy Blanket or some stitchery......you will just have to wait and see but in the meantime, why don't you pop over to cath@home for a sticky beak!

I need to throw another log on the fire so hooroo.....till tomorrow!


  1. Your crocheted blocks look lovely, Cath. I find Molly looks at me like that when I'm eating too!

  2. I remember my first winter in Tassie, It was so cold, I thought I'd never get warm til Hubby bought us an electric blanket. There is nothing better than a nice fire to warm you up. Your crochet project is absolutely beautiful, its so pretty Cath. Enjoy.


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