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Saturday 16 May 2015

Another Daisy or two (FNSI)

Last night was Friday Night Stitch In, were we all make time across cyberspace to sit and sew, crochet, stitch or quilt  and even though I teased about starting something else, unfortunately I didn't get the chance.

I was 'umming and ahhing' about driving into town.  For us, 'Town' has several destinations.  There is Little Town which is closest for groceries, then there is Middle Town, a bit further in the opposite direction, for something a bit more and then there is Big Town, which is beyond Middle Town, where you can get just about everything. I decided to head into Middle Town just after lunch mainly because I was looking for a wool needle and a stock pot.....not to use in the same instance of course....and thought Big W would be my best option.

I found the stockpot but no wool needles......however......I did find some gorgeous yarn to add to my ever growing new stash.  It is soooooooo soft and just the exact colour I have been looking for. I think that burnt orange will look lovely with just the right kind of pink.

 I also found this gorgeous multi coloured yarn and I am envisioning some lovely fingerless mittens in this.

To top it all off, I was in the Newsagent looking at the quilting mags when I spotted this lovely edition of crochet projects......Ooooooh, I think I am in love.

I am determined not to let crochet become like my quilting habits and I WILL finish the daisy blanket first. Of course it would be a waste to come all this way and not do some further shopping and since this is our nearest Coles.....   Just for some variety, I filled a trolley with food, filled my perscription and bought a couple of pairs of new jeans. 

By the time I got home, I then had to pack it all away, feed the dogs and take them for their evening constitutional (which took forever!), turn on the towel heater for my farmer.....gee, I am a good wife, start the fire for the evening, prepare and cook the evening meal and wash up and then I was able to sit down and begin my FNSI......So what did I work on?

I managed to make a few more daisy centres for the blocks

How about you, did you sign up?  You can still visit everyone to see how they went, just click HERE and a big thank you to Wendy for hosting.

Before you go......If you read my blog yesterday and you are still wondering what this is....
all has been revealed on my blog Cath@Home. Go on.....have a guess before you head over!



  1. Gorgeous daisies! Love the yarn and the mag. Enjoy your project.

  2. Such pretty daisies! I think perhaps some kind of fruit?

  3. Lovely yarn you bought. Shame you aren't close by: I have several wool needles, and would have been glad to have given you one. Oh well.... Next time you go to Big Town.

  4. Hi Cath - what a pity that the boring activity of grocery shopping had to be done, when there was beautiful yarn to buy & mag's to be inspired by!!

    Is it a strawberry

  5. All those daisies are going to be gorgeous when sewn together. Looking forward to seeing the end result.

  6. Love the daisies...they are going to look wonderful sewn together...sounds like shopping is a Lord of the Rings experience for you!!

  7. Oooh, I love all of your yarn - I am getting back into it in a big way, so dangerous as there is so much nice yarn out there now! Hmm is it some sort of fruit with cloves? P.S. Thanks for your kind words on my last post.

  8. Sounds like a great shopping trip. As for not starting anything new, you could do some smaller projects and have the blanket as your big project... am i being bad?

  9. That orange wool is beautiful! We have only one place to go shopping and it always disappoints. Save money that way I guess. Love your daisy centres!

  10. Lovely daisy centres....
    Is it Dragon Fruit?

  11. Hahaha - I was wrong about picture. So surprised about what it is. I love your little daisies.

  12. Love your little daisies Cath and they are going to make a beautiful blanket. From the looks of your great yarn buys, I'd say you are hooked, LOL.
    I thought it was a strawberry that had started to go bad, but knew you wouldn't take a photo of that. It was fun to see what it really was.


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