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Tuesday 13 May 2014

Some Sewing and Some Squishies

I have to tell you, due to a series of unfortunate events, it has been a trying couple of weeks for me and the family but I am hopeful that things have hit rockbottom and will now improve. I didn't feel much like blogging but I did do some sewing to take my mind off things. I am sorry, I can't really say more but no-one has been seriously hurt so no need to worry.

Since I made such great progress with my Teddy Bear Tea Party WIP/UFO a couple of weeks ago, I decided to grab another basket from that pile. This is my Chevron Quilt which I blogged about here and here
After spending another afternoon in the Creation Station, I expanded my Chevron quilt by a number of rows. Fortunately, I left this quilt well prepared and each row was put together in order, labelled and pinned together with a bull clip.
So it was just a case of picking up the next pile, sewing the row together and adding it to the growing quilt.
I love the colours in this quilt, so fresh, clean and cool, so I decided to pop it on my bed to see how it was faring.  Five out of 14 rows sewn together now and I am heading into the Creation Station to sew some more.

I was also lucky to recieve, NOT one, but TWO squishies in the mail this last week.  I won a prize during the Grow your Blog event and Kaye from Kitten Stitching sent me a jam packed squishy envelope
 inside there were two pieces of fabric, beads, an emery board and a little book of Calm.....just what I need right now.
 I also recieved a surprise from Cheryll at Gone Stitching for joining in with Friday Night With Friends. My name was randomly chosen from the 40 or more people that I stitched with for the night.  Here's what I got from Cheryll. The sweetest stitchery pattern you ever did see, two FNWF coasters and a couple of quilt labels.  How lucky am I?

 So you see, after spending some time in the Creation Station, my spirits are lifted so I am going to continue as my Little Book of Calm suggests and head off to "Gaze At Something Blue"  as it has the ability to instil calm......I think my Chevron quilt counts as something blue!



  1. Hope all the "unfortunate events" are past now and things are looking up.
    Gorgeous colours you are using - it does pay to be organised...

  2. Love the chevrons and its colors. Hope the unsettling events calm down and work out for the best. sending a hug!

  3. I agree, that chevron quilt qualifies as 'something blue'.

  4. Life does have a way of throwing us a curve from time to time. I trust things are improving for you. Lovely zigzag. Pretty colours

  5. Your chevrons are looking wonderful, Cath. Take care of yourself. Hugs, Christine

  6. Beautiful blue Chevron quilt Cath. I hope life's bumps smooth out for you soon Cath xx

  7. Time in my Creation Station always calms me and puts me in a better mood. Your chevrons are lovely. Such pretty blues!

  8. Hoping for better days ahead. So nice to have such a beautiful quilt waiting for the right opportunity to work on.

  9. Love the colours of the chevron. Hope thing are better for you :)

  10. Your chevrons have the wow factor with the blue fabrics and I can't wait to see the finished quilt. I hope everything is improving, thinking of you cheers Pauline

  11. love the fabrics you have chosen for your chevrons. they look gorgeous.
    Hope things will be looking up for you and your family.

  12. oooooh, loving the chevron quilt. I see one of those in my future!

  13. Perfect post torejuvinate this week under our zig-zag theme!! I sure like your squishy mail too!!!

  14. I like the scrappiness of the blue and white fabrics. I wouldn't have thought to do that.


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