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Wednesday 14 May 2014

Mystery Quilt - Part 2

Back in March, I posted about my Mystery Quilt NewFO - click here if you missed that post. I have been working on that quilt at my LQS on the first Wednesday of every month .....but, oooops.....I haven't posted my progress for April.

I spent the lesson sewing blocks 3 and 4 and they turned out like this
I really like how this one turned out
not sure about this one......I don't really like red and yellow together

 After sewing these two blocks it was time to start laying out the blocks for 5 and 6. Up until now I was very strict about following the layout and colour plan but when I laid out block 5, I really didn't like the options so.......I deviated. There was a couple of ways I could go with this one. Wonder if you can guess which one I have chosen to do.

I had a couple of choices with Block 6 and I also mixed up the pattern a bit.

I was just about to start sewing these blocks but my sewing machine would not play nicely and it didn't matter what I did.......I switched it on and off, I rethreaded the top thread and the bobbin several times, I played around with the tension.......nothing worked.......she just wasn't in the mood to sew! So that was that and I spent the rest of the class playing with my left over fabrics and chatting to the others about their blocks.

Miss Phaff is currently in the sewing machine hospital but I will get her back in a few days and then I will write the next part of this mystery!


  1. Some days just go that way! Hope there is nothing seriously wrong with your machine.

  2. Love the blocks so far, especially the little birdies in the corners.

  3. such gorgeous blocks Cath,well done.xx

  4. Very pretty blocks I hope Miss Phaff makes a good recovery...

  5. Gorgeous blocks Cath. Nothing worse when you are ready to sew and your machine plays up. Hugs....


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