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Wednesday 10 April 2013

Planting Roses

I did myself a favour yesterday and turned OFF the internet so no facebook, bloglovin, Pinterest, words with friends or Mahjong to distract me and concentrated on doing something productive.

In doing so I planted (and by planted I actually mean stitched) some roses in my Edwardian House garden.

 I happily stitched the afternoon away while I caught up with some tv that I had taped over the weekend.
 All the roses have been stitched now.

 Just for fun, I thought I would show the back of the piece.  Not so pretty now, is it?

I am happy to report that after dinner last night, I picked up the stitchery again and "planted" some hollyhocks and primulas.  Just got a few poppies and some ivy to go now then my garden will be complete.



  1. Oh Cath they are beautiful roses. LOL I thought you had planted real roses when I read the title of your post! LOL The stitching is wonderful .... front AND back. Isn't it nice just to turn off the internet once in a while? It is so easy to get sucked into all the wonderful sites that the internet offers but it sure takes up the time! Have a wonderful day.

  2. Very pretty indeed...although at first I thought you meant the real roses.:) Your stitching is so neat and tidy. I have to do that as well because if I ever get on pintrest I am there for a long time without even realizing it.

  3. So pretty. I love hollyhocks ; )

  4. Your roses are very pretty, and I am also loving the book from your previous post.. it looks amazing. xx debbie

  5. The roses are beautiful,look forward to seeing it finished !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Very nice! It can sometimes be a challenge to find a happy medium with spending time on-line and using our time to make the things we want to create! I think we all need a clone.

  7. So pretty!
    What a great idea to turn off the internet etc!!!

  8. That's so beautiful Cath!

  9. beautiful work Cath,well done.xx

  10. Your garden is growing beautifully! Internet, etc, can certainly get in the way of being productive, it is always a challenge fitting everything in :)

  11. boy there is a heap of stitching in that piece. Your progress looks beautiful.
    Happy stitching.


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