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Tuesday 2 April 2013

Hello April

With March and Easter out of the way and April breezing in, time for me to take stock of what goals to achieve this month.
 I think it might be a good thing to revisit some of the goals I haven't  had a chance to complete yet.

1.  Finish piecing "My Garden". Its now or never!
2.  Cut out Spaghetti Junction quilt. This is very achievable.
3.  Complete block for Trudy's Charity quilt. Once the "vine" is made, this should be quick.
4.  Finish unpicking Teddy Tea Party.........Ugh, might have to set the timer to get this done.

1.  Lose 2kg this month. Yes, I can. Yes, I can. YES, I CAN!
2.  See a movie. I see the ads on tv and keep saying "oooo, I want to see that" so I SHOULD
3. Finish organising pantry. Not a big job.....just need to attach labels and stack everything neatly.
4. De-clutter bedroom drawer.....purge, purge, purge!

The photos are from our Easter weekend.


  1. oh i wish i could lose 2kg,hope you do it Cathy.xx

  2. I love the chocolate?? carrots - never seen any before!

  3. Great lot of goals Cath...I 'm retired and still don't achieve as much as I would like, so you have my admiration with what you achieve!

  4. Great goals Cath! I am sure you will achieve them all. Love those carrots in the last picture!

  5. You inspire me - I should set some goals for myself! I'm sure you will do well at yours!


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