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Wednesday 3 April 2013

Drop in for a chat on the Porch

I haven't participated in Patrices chats for a couple of weeks. Not sure why but since it is a glorious day outside and the currawongs are singing a sweet song, why not grab a cuppa and join me for a Chat on the Porch.

Patrice has asked these questions:

What did you do for Easter?
Easter was a quiet one spent at home. We saw each of the three kiddos at certain times throughout the weekend and one even took the long weekend opportunity to move back into the spare room. I don't mind spending the long weekend at home.....most people take the weekend to travel which makes the roads trecherous and forms crowded hot spots.  Not my cuppa tea

How bad were you with candy or treats? (On a scale of 1-10. 1 being good, 10 being sugared up)
I consider myself really good this year.....lets say, oh....a 5.  Most years, I would have not been able to stay away from all the chocolate. This year I made a deal with myself....no more than 5 mini easter eggs and only on the Sunday and I stuck to it.

I thought of Wendell when I had one of these chocolate Easter carrots!
What's one of the first things you'd like to do when you have consistent spring temperatures?
Get outside and either read a book or go for a really long walk with the two furbabies.

How are you at gift buying?
I love buying gifts for people and hope I make good choices.  I do listen and buy with their wishes in mind but sometimes they don't say anything and I make choices according to their interests and/or needs.

Do you have any projects in mind for the month of April?
I always have project goals for every month.  I list them on my blog every month and there are some quilty goals and some non-quilty goals.  I don't always achieve what I set out to do but I don't berate myself for not doing so



  1. i love the tail feathers designs.xx

  2. Hi Cath,
    That sounds like a great way to spend Easter. Nothing
    like reading a good book when the weather is nice, and
    I love your tailfeathers.
    Cheers, Anita.

  3. I love the chocolate carrots! are they 'Lindt'??

  4. Sounds like a nice weekend with the kiddos and staying home is my idea of a great weekend! :)

  5. now that is mine kind of carrot. yummy good i bet. ( :

    i love that blue bunny. is that a figurine or part of the vase?

  6. I bought a chocolate bunny, and forgot about it! Still in the box ; )

  7. Sounds like a good weekend.

  8. Your Easter weekend sounded just perfect to me, lucky you to have your children close enough to drop by.

  9. I could imagine Wendell's surprise when he got one of those carrots. None of our horses have had chocolate, and I'm not even sure if it is harmful for them. I know it is bad for dogs. Horses love mints, especially those small round ones that are red and white. It gives them much better breath too. :)lol I hope you have a great week.


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