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Monday 1 April 2013

March Wrap Up

Did I achieve many of my goals for March?......Not really, but lets see how I went.


1. Start and complete block for Trudy's Charity quilt. I picked out fabric and a pattern and cut out all the pieces.  The complete date for this project is May 31st so still time to get it finished.

2. Accept and make a start on Sally's Millamac Challenge.  The only progress I have made here is to think about what I will make and brainstorm some ideas.  I think I know what I want to do but I missed the first sewing group. Better get a move on ..... due date is end of April. Look out for some wombats, some stacked chickens and Mmmmmm, cake and coffee!
 3. Cut out fabric for Chevron Quilt. DONE

4. Finish cutting out fabric for Spagetti Junction (now that the fabric has arrived from FQS) I haven't returned to this project.  The Babushka dolls got all my attention this month.

5.  Make plans to visit the Craft Show with a couple of friends. DONE.  I enjoyed this very much.

Non Quilty
1. De-clutter both handbags (I use separate handbags for work and everyday use) Having a look at my "everyday" handbag, I decided it wasn't worth keeping.....cracked, worn handles....so I bought a new handbag and ditched the old one.  The work handbag is still a mess but I found several old handbags in the closet clean up and cleaned them out to find $40. Might buy a new work handbag instead and ditch the old one.

2. Make Easter decorations - I have been scouring Pinterest for ideas. DONE

  3. Start a "Words with Friends" marathon with two neglected  WWF buddies. DONE. I actually started 3 games and introduced another friend to WWF. She and I are on our second game.

4. Set aside a ME day to do an at home pedicure. ME time always gets put aside for another day.



  1. Your month rounded out pretty good! Since the pillow took so much time (and it turned out beautiful), it is off your plate so you can now concentrate on the other projects. Good luck in April!

  2. That's an ambitious list! Love your Babushka dolls.

  3. well done Cathy i think you did really well.xx

  4. Don't you just love to find money in a pocket or purse that you had forgotten about?

  5. I am now following with BlogLovin. Hope I can figure out how to use it. lol


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