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Sunday 10 March 2013

Sunday's Blooming Beauty

The sun has come out at last (for a bit anyway). After two weeks of constant rain, the doggies were able to stretch their legs on a long overdue walk. They had a severe case of cabin fever and were a bit hard to control, what with their excitement etc.

Because we haven't been out for a bit, I decided to pop my phone in my pocket....you never know what you will find and need a photo of!

Lucky for me you that I did or we would have missed this gorgeous little blossom. It fell out of a tree onto the footpath right in front of me.  I am not even sure what it is. It was only the size of a 10c piece and this a close up of it in Miss M's hand.

I think this is the best photo I have taken with my phone camera to date.

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  1. So pleased you had you phone with you to take the photo...it's beautiful!

  2. Beautiful flower - someone will know what it is I'm sure!

  3. Wow that is gorgeous and so tiny! Your phone takes amazing photos. Thanks for sharing with us. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Lovely,some flowers are completely unique!Great Tail Feather block in last post:-)

  5. What a pretty flower. If you find out what it is, please let us know.


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