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Saturday 2 March 2013

February Wrap Up....

I still think this is the best way for me to get motivated even if I don't fully complete my goals for the month. Here's a recap of February goals and what I have achieved/not achieved.


1. cut out Spaghetti Junction quilt . TICK I cut out half of the quilt as I had to wait for some more fabric to arrive from America.  I also finished piecing half of the block A's. It is such a fun quilt and despite all the setbacks from not planning properly, I am enjoying this one.
  2. stitch 8a & 8b of Edwardian House .  This block is in two pieces (a & b) and I hoped to get both stitched but I only managed to do most of 8a.  It has just been too hot to sit under my daylight lamp at night. With February over, I should achieve a lot more at night while I relax and watch tv.

 3. piece together Teddlywinks Tea Party. I can't give myself a tick for this one as, although I pieced it together, it is is coming apart asap!
  4, make a small gift for the gift drawer. I might have got this done if I hadn't got hooked on crochet.  I got as far as picking a project. Not a hard one either....could easily have made it in a day.

 non Quilty 
1. read at least 4 chapters every week this month of new book. Well, no reading my novel, but I read plenty of quilting mags and "how to crochet" blogs. Thats not going to get my book finished though.
2. lose 2kg this month. I really thought I was going to write 2.3kgs here and get a huge "Whoop Whoop" from everyone but my weight consultant had made an error in her calculations and written down that I had lost weight when I didn't so I have lost 1.3kgs this month.  I am still happy with that!
3. choose a paint for the spare room. TICK. I have decided on a colour (imagine the colour below with red accents) but to paint or not to paint just yet, that is the question.  Ted is giving up his rental agreement in August and needs to come home to stay until he decides whether to continue his study here or move to Melbourne to study. That means he will be staying anywhere between 3weeks to 6 months.
4. see a movie with miss M. Well, we picked a date which was last week but everything we wanted to watch was either finished or not yet viewing so neither of us felt in the mood.  Miss M has started back at uni this week so we have made arrangments to go tomorrow.

I have been taking notes for my March Goals, but will post that separately.


  1. That was a lot of goals for such a short month! This rainy weekend will be ideal to tick-off your movie goal...J

  2. Good on you for achieving so many goals :-)

  3. beautiful work Cath,well done.xx

  4. Great month for you! That daisy granny square is just striking....I might just have to pick up the crochet hook and give it a try. Woo hoo on the weight loss!

  5. I think a 1.3 loss deserves a whoop whoop anyway!! Great work on all your projects.


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