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Wednesday 7 November 2012

Here's a good idea

What's a girl to do when she is organising her project boxes and runs out of those little plastic bobbin winders for her silk threads.....improvise of course!

I bought some new threads while out a couple of days ago but didn't realise that I would need more bobbins and it turned out I was very low on supplies.

It is a twenty minute drive to Spotlight where they are usually available but I really didn't want to face the traffic, suffer the carpark and wait in a life sapping queue just to buy a few plastic cards!

Insert *light bulb moment* here. Only five minutes to the nearest supermarket for a possible stand in product and no traffic lights to contend with....ok, the car park can be a nightmare there aswell.....unless.........

Oh, what a stroke of luck,  I had some wooden pegs sitting around for another project to make washi tape/wooden peg fridge magnets.   

Why not wind the threads around the wooden peg! I had seen this idea somewhere on Pinterest (I think) and it had stuck in my head to be used at the very right moment.

Works a treat. Holds the end securely and is so easy to write the colour number on with a pen. Now I can get on with stitching instead of making the 40min round trip to buy the original item.

I think they will look so lovely in a bowl on the shelf too.


  1. Fabulous idea and definitely beats any queues or parking headaches.

  2. Very clever - but a bit hard to put back in the box!

  3. Great idea! I think I have seen this on Pinterest as well.

  4. This is a very good idea , I could use this , my threads are well lets just say far from being organized ;-)

  5. Hi Cath, it's been such a long time! I love your idea for embroidery threads.. Olden day pegs make a great holder for laces too..


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