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Saturday 3 November 2012


I'm finding it a little awkward blogging at the moment as I am having trouble with my pc and it keeps overheating and switching itself off so out came the iPad but that has its issues as well as it will not let me upload a picture from my iPad gallery and of course I cannot connect my camera to it. Grrrrr! so frustrating.  So that is the reason I have been a little quiet of late.

Back to work for a week and the rest did me a world of good as I am more enthusiastic about being there.  Since I finished my "In the Pink" project, I have not done another stitch on anything else so back to the timer today.  I am happy to report that the lovely Kim (from work) that won the raffle loves her little wall hanging and I am tickled pink that she won.

I haven't drawn the winner of my give-away yet but promise I will do so tomorrow. That means that this is your very LAST chance to get an entry in..... click here

Before I go and set my timer, let me just say to all of you on the eastern coast of America and Canada, that I have you in my thoughts and hope that you are all safe and sound following hurricane Sandy's destructive force.


  1. what is it with computers doing that at the moment. mine recently shut down for the last time and refused to reboot so I reverted to mu ipad for a while. have you upgrades to IOS 6 on your ipad? apparently there have been some problems with that on some ipads? there is another update now which is meant to help. Hope you get it all sorted soon. hugs

  2. Computers are great--when they work! Hope it gets fixed soon ; )

  3. Glad that you are okay but so sorry to hear about the computer problems!

  4. When computers were invented they were made to make our lives "easier". I don't think so.

    take care

  5. Good luck with your computer, they can be a nightmare. Have you downloaded the app for bloggers iphone, I downloaded it for my iPad you can then download the pictures into your post from your iPad photo albums. It's not ideal but does help. :-)

  6. Computers are so great when they work well and so awful when they aren't!! Glad the holiday did you good!!

  7. They should give you a hamer when they sell you a computer....
    I hope you don't mind that I tagged you in my blog. Would like it if you join inn, but don't feel bad if you don;t want to.
    It is a good way to get to know eachother. Have a look and I'll see what you deside.


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