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Sunday 11 November 2012

Love Rainy Days

It is so nice to be back in the creation station!  It has mostly been a rainy weekend here which has been good for filling up the pool and for the lawns and plants......and me! Nothing like a rainy day to plonk myself in front of the sewing machine and do some piecing.

Started to get my groove on with Lynette Anderson's "My Garden". The day has gone too quickly though and I have not finished as much as I would have liked.  I got quite distracted with fabrics at some point and whilst looking for some that I thought I had, found a whole lot of projects and so took a break to organise my "get-a-round-tuit" projects.

Block 2 of "Tail Feathers" is due to arrive this week so I finished up most of block one

Every evening over the last week, I have stitched block 7 of Edwardian Garden while watching tv. I have loved this block which the lovely little flowers growing through the fence.

Hollyhocks, primroses, foxgloves, lavender and roses......my kind of garden!

Then around 3pm, the sun came out and not a cloud to be seen.  Time to cheer these two up and take them for a walk.

They are waiting for their dinner now so till next time......Hope you had an awesome weekend!


  1. Sounds and looks like you had a great day. Your projects are wonderful!

  2. I love all your stitching projects. "My Garden" is one of my absolute favourite little quilts. I loved making mine and I love the colours you've used in yours.
    The dogs look so cute curled up together.

  3. I too love rainy days. It is a time to putter around and get some projects done. Love your stitching!

  4. Wow you have been busy. Love your Tail Feathers

    Cheers Paulinne

  5. All of your work is beautiful. May I ask who are you doing your BOM Tail Feathers through. I would love to do it but I can't find any one who is running the BOM.

  6. Cath, what beautiful work... you inspire me to keep finishing what I have started so I can begin something else!! Have a lovely week..

  7. Love all your stitching... beautiful work you are doing Cath... the tail feathers BOM is one of my favourite even though I haven't done any myself xxx

  8. Tail Feathers looks great. I am looking forward to starting mine in the new year. hugs

  9. Cath all your projects look gorgeous! Your stitching is beautiful.


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